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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Building in sustainability, social responsibility and value co-creationBiggemann, S; Williams, M; Kro, G
Dec-2014Smoke signals: An investigation of anti-smoking communication within marginalised communities within the health system. An outline research proposalWilliams, M; Allan, J
1-Aug-2011Same...same but different: Expectations of graduates from two midwifery education courses in AustraliaHammond, A; Gray, J; Smith, R; Fenwick, J; Homer, CS
1-Jan-2020Consumption Plus Love: Inequality, Domestic Utopia, and China’s New Politics of the FutureSun, W
1-Nov-2019Chinese-language digital/social media in Australia: double-edged sword in Australia’s public diplomacy agendaSun, W
1-Jan-2018Estranged but not strangers: Challenging organisational norms of access for people with disability and people from a NESBBamford, V
1-Jan-2017Determinants of employee turnover intention: Understanding the roles of organizational justice, supervisory justice, authoritarian organizational culture and organization-employee relationship qualityKim, S; Tam, L; Kim, JN; Rhee, Y
24-Apr-2008Issue-based politics: Feminism with Chinese characteristics or the return of bourgeois feminism?Edwards, L
1-Jan-2014Messages from space: An exploration of the relationship between hospital birth environments and midwifery practiceHammond, AD; Homer, CSE; Foureur, M
1-Jul-2017Friendliness, functionality and freedom: Design characteristics that support midwifery practice in the hospital settingHammond,, A; Homer, CSE; Foureur, M
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