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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2019Economics or ethics? Exploring the role of CSR expectations in explaining consumers’ perceptions, motivations, and active communication behaviors about corporate misconductKim, S; Krishna, A; Dhanesh, G
2019Managing media sensationalism in the event of an airline disasterDelmo, K; Sean, C
2019Unpacking the Effects of Alleged Gender Discrimination in the Corporate Workplace on Consumers’ Affective Responses and Relational PerceptionsKrishna, A; Kim, S; Shim, K
2019Understanding the public interest puzzle in china’s public relations: The role of balance and counterbalance based on confucian great harmonyHou, Z
13-Feb-2019Winning in the court of public opinion: Exploring public relations–legal collaboration during organizational crisisKim, S; Krishna, A; Plowman, KD
1-Aug-2019Expanding evaluation to enable true strategic communication: Beyond message tracking to open listeningMacnamara, J; Gregory, A; Northhaft, H; Werder, KP; Vercic, D; Zerfass, A
1-Aug-2019Journalism, public relations, and spinMacnamara, J; Wahl-Jorgensen, K; Hanitzsch, T
5-Jul-2019Treating Ivanka Unfairly: Understanding the Impact of Presidential Tweeting on Publics’ Perceptions and Intentions to Buycott or Boycott CorporationsKrishna, A; Kim, S
1-Jan-2019Consumption Plus Love: Inequality, Domestic Utopia, and China’s New Politics of the FutureSun, W
2-Jan-2019Rural migrants and their marital problems: discourses of governing and knowledge production in ChinaSun, W
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