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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01Exploring the dynamics between brand investment, customer investment, brand identification, and brand identity fusionKrishna, A; Kim, S
2021-11-23Understanding Start-up Employees’ Communicative Behaviors on an Employer Review Website: A Comparison of TikTok and SnapchatKim, S; Tam, L; Seung, B
2021-01-01From Organizational-Centric Engagement to Network-Centric Engagement: The Role of Autonomous Public Communities in a Mediated Public Policy Advocacy NetworkYang, A; Taylor, M
2021-12-01Reflexive transformative approach to student-centred learning: Insights from the frontlines of Australian higher education teaching during COVID-19Krikowa, N; Delmo, K
2021-12-03Examining the Indonesian government’s social media use for disaster risk communicationYudarwati, GA; Putranto, IA; Delmo, KM
2021-01-01Disagree and you shall be valued: a semiotic examination of how photojournalism constructs “valuable” Iranian bodies across TimeDurrani, S
2021-08-01Social Media Influencers in CSR Endorsement: The Effect of Consumer Mimicry on CSR Behaviors and Consumer RelationshipsCheng, Y; Chen, YRR; Hung-Baesecke, CJF
2021-07-21Monitoring and evaluating government media and social media engagementTaylor, M
2021-01-01What makes an image worth a thousand words? Teaching strategic visual analysis and synthesis via semioticsDurrani, S
2021-10-02The evolution and influence of Russian and Belarusian propaganda during the Belarus presidential election and ensuing protests in 2020Manaev, O; Rice, N; Taylor, M
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