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2023Love Troubles Inequality in China and Its Intimate ConsequencesSun, W
2023-04-25The Roles of Internal Communication in Driving Corporate Volunteering among Chinese Employees: An Integrated Approach of Social Influence and Volunteering MotivationsChen, Y-RR; Ma, M; Hung-Baesecke, C-JF; McCown, N; Men, LR; Jiang, H; Shen, H
2023-01-01Digital Transnationalism: Chinese-Language Media in AustraliaSun, W; Yu, H
2023-11Understanding conspiratorial thinking (CT) within public relations research: Dynamics of organization-public relationship quality, CT, and negative megaphoningTam, L; Kim, S
2023-01-01Disputes over Coal Mining and Gas Drilling in an Australian Country TownMarshall, JP
2023-07-06Understanding Who is Blamed for COVID-19: Dynamics of Conspiratorial Beliefs, Blame Attribution, Perceived Economic Threat, and Consumer EthnocentrismKim, S; Tam, L; Taylor, M
2023-01-01Comparing local energy conflicts in NSW Australia: moving to climate generosityMarshall, JP
2023-01-01What happens when a country bleeds soft power? Conceptualising ‘Negative Watch’: towards an epistemology for negative and adversarial place brandingDurrani, S
2023-01-23When Culture and Ethics Meet: Understanding the Dynamics between Cultural Dimensions, Moral Orientations, Moral Inequity, and Commitment in the Context of Corporate Misconduct AllegationsKim, S; Krishna, A
2023-03When non-CSR-themed social media influencers endorse corporate CSR initiatives: Effects of publics’ perceived influencer characteristics and leadershipChen, Y-RR; Hung-Baesecke, C-JF; Cheng, Y
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