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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A comprehensive analysis of microsatellite diversity in Aboriginal Australians.Walsh, SJ; Mitchell, RJ; Watson, N; Buckleton, JS
2018-05-01Environmental fixes and historical trajectories of marine resource use in Southeast AsiaFabinyi, M
2020-06-09The City Under COVID-19: Podcasting As Digital Methodology.Rogers, D; Herbert, M; Whitzman, C; McCann, E; Maginn, PJ; Watts, B; Alam, A; Pill, M; Keil, R; Dreher, T; Novacevski, M; Byrne, J; Osborne, N; Büdenbender, M; Alizadeh, T; Murray, K; Dombroski, K; Prasad, D; Connolly, C; Kass, A; Dale, E; Murray, C; Caldis, S
2022-04Coastal transitions: Small-scale fisheries, livelihoods, and maritime zone developments in Southeast AsiaFabinyi, M; Belton, B; Dressler, WH; Knudsen, M; Adhuri, DS; Abdul Aziz, A; Akber, MA; Kittitornkool, J; Kongkaew, C; Marschke, M; Pido, M; Stacey, N; Steenbergen, DJ; Vandergeest, P
2021-12-01Migration, family and networks: Timorese seasonal workers' social support in AustraliaWu, AYC
2018Environmental fixes and historical trajectories of marine resource use in Southeast AsiaFabinyi, M
2012-08-01Luxury seafood consumption in China and the intensification of coastal livelihoods in Southeast Asia: The live reef fish for food trade in Balabac, PhilippinesFabinyi, M; Pido, M; Harani, B; Caceres, J; Uyami-Bitara, A; De las Alas, A; Buenconsejo, J; Ponce de Leon, EM
2019-01-01Access to fisheries in the maritime frontier of Palawan Province, PhilippinesFabinyi, M; Dressler, W; Pido, M
2023-07What's on the horizon for community-based conservation? Emerging threats and opportunities.Esmail, N; McPherson, JM; Abulu, L; Amend, T; Amit, R; Bhatia, S; Bikaba, D; Brichieri-Colombi, TA; Brown, J; Buschman, V; Fabinyi, M; Farhadinia, M; Ghayoumi, R; Hay-Edie, T; Horigue, V; Jungblut, V; Jupiter, S; Keane, A; Macdonald, DW; Mahajan, SL; McVey, A; Moehrenschlager, A; Nelson, F; Noshirwani, MM; Ntiamoa-Baidu, Y; Postigo, JL; Rakotondrazafy, V; Rao, M; Roe, D; Sierra Huelsz, JA; Stolton, S; Tawake, A; Wintle, B
2023-08-01Industrial and small-scale fisheries relations in Ghana: A political ecology perspective on blue economy exclusionAyilu, RK; Fabinyi, M; Barclay, K; Bawa, MA
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