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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Understanding post-crisis trauma recovery for the past decade in uniformed services: a narrative reviewDe Silva, R; Ireland, JL; Birch, P; Ireland, CA; Lewis, M; Dissanayake, R; Atapattu, M
2023-01Gaslighting and its application to interpersonal violenceDickson, P; Ireland, JL; Birch, P
2021-01-01Access to non-violent pornography in a secure forensic hospitalNally, T; Ireland, JL; McNeill, K; Birch, P; Ireland, CA
2021-01-01Victim empathy-based content in aggression treatment: exploring impact within a secure forensic hospitalNally, T; Ireland, JL; Greenwood, L; Ireland, CA; Birch, P
2021-03-08Understanding and Intervening in Prison BullyingIreland, JL; Birch, P; De Silva, R; Mian, U
2021-10-14Exploring the use of safety strategies by victims of interpersonal violence: A systematic reviewNally, T; Ireland, JL; Birch, P
2017EditorialIreland, JL; Birch, P
2017-09Partner abuse and its association with emotional distress: A study exploring LGBTI relationships.Ireland, JL; Birch, P; Kolstee, J; Ritchie, A
2022-01-01Animal Abuse Proclivity Among Women: Exploring Callousness, Sadism, and Psychopathy TraitsIreland, JL; Birch, P; Lewis, M; Mian, U; Ireland, CA
2022Confirming the factor structure of the Psychopathic Processing and Personality Assessment (PAPA) using a community sample: Attending to sex differences in psychopathyLewis, M; Ireland, JL; Ireland, CA; Derefaka, G; McNeill, K; Birch, P; Room, L; Coultas, C; Green, E; Newsome, J; Edwards, L; Smillie, L; McNabb, L; Onifade, H; Fergus, J
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