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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Quality Learning and Teaching in Primary Science and Technology Literature ReviewAubusson, P; Schuck, SR; Ng, W; Burke, P; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
2017Supporting the Effective Teaching of Primary Science and Technology: A discrete choice experiment approachBurke, P; Schuck, SR; Aubusson, P; Ng, W; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
2019Primary Connections: Linking science with literacy Stage 6 research evaluation final reportAubusson, P; Skamp, K; Burke, PF; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Ng, W; Palmer, T-A; Goodall, A; Ferguson, J
2018-03-30SCIENCE BY DOING STAGE 4 (2016 TO 2018)Ng, W; Aubusson, P; Fergusson, J; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Palmer, T-A
2020-04-06School-university partnerships as rich STEM learning contexts for preservice teachers working with primary studentsPressick-Kilborn, K; Prescott, A; Fitzgerald, A; Haeusler, C; Pfeiffer, L
2021-06-28STEM and STEAM Education in Australian K–12 SchoolingPressick-Kilborn, K; Silk, M; Martin, J
2017-06-01Barriers to the effective teaching of primary science and technology.Burke, P; Aubusson, P; Schuck, SR; Palmer, T; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Ng, W
2021-01-01Primary teacher educators’ practices in and perspectives on inquiry-based science education: insights into the Australian landscapeFitzgerald, A; Pressick-Kilborn, K; Mills, R
-Pre-service teachers becoming researchers: the role of professional learning groups in creating a community of inquiryZeivots, S; Buchanan, JD; Pressick-Kilborn, K
2021-01-01Secondary school students’ perceptions and experiences of learning science and mathematics: the case of BhutanUtha, K; Subba, BH; Mongar, BB; Hopwood, N; Pressick-Kilborn, K
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