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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Economic efficiency versus local democracy? An evaluation of structural change and local democracy in Australian local governmentDollery, B; Grant, B
23-Aug-2016The Australian Government’s “White Paper on Reform of the Federation” and the Future of Australian Local GovernmentGrant, B; Ryan, R; Kelly, A
1-Jun-2017Means, Motive, and Opportunity – Local Government Data Distortion in a High-Stakes EnvironmentDrew, J; Grant, B
22-Mar-2011New England Australia:What follows from regional status? A comparative, political economy approachGrant, B; Dollery, B; Hearfield, C
9-May-2016How useful is the yield spread as a predictor of growth in Australia?Chen, G; Valadkhani, A; Grant, B
1-Jul-2017Re-evaluating local government amalgamations: Utility maximisation meets the principle of double effect (PDE)Drew, J; Grant, B; Fisher, J
1-Nov-2016Recasting Leadership Reform in Australian Local Government: A Typology from Political TheoryGrant, B; Dollery, B; Kortt, M
1-Dec-2015Is There a Case for Mandating Directly Elected Mayors in Australian Local Government? Lessons from the 2012 Queensland Local Government ElectionsGrant, B; Dollery, B; Kortt, MA
1-Sep-2016The Australian Experience of Municipal Amalgamation: Asking the Citizenry and Exploring the ImplicationsRyan, R; Hastings, C; Grant, B; Lawrie, A; Ní Shé, É; Wortley, L
2-Apr-2016Progressive and reactionary rhetoric in the municipal reform debate in New South Wales, AustraliaDrew, J; Grant, B; Campbell, N
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