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2021-05-01Disability and family violence prevention: A case study on participation in evidence makingRobinson, S; valentine, K; Idle, J
2022-08-05‘I left with the kids and ended up homeless with them’: the nightmare of housing wait lists for people fleeing domestic violenceMorris, A; Robinson, C; Idle, J
2022-11-03Ideal bureaucracy? The application and assessment process for social housing in three Australian statesMorris, A; Robinson, C; Idle, J; Lilley, D
2022-11-21'I've been on the waiting list for over 20 years': why social housing suitable for people with disabilities is desperately neededMorris, A; Idle, J
2023-08-14Waithood: The experiences of applying for and waiting for social housingMorris, A; Idle, J; Moore, J; Robinson, C
2022-06-21“'Getting onto the wait list is a battle in itself': insiders on what it takes to get social housingMorris, A; Clarke, A; Robinson, C; Parsell, C; Idle, J
2023-01-01THE RIGHT TO SAFETY: Promoting the Authority of Disabled Children to Tackle Rights ResistanceRobinson, S; Idle, J
2023-03Community in the pandemic: experiences and strategies by people with acquired brain injury and their families during COVID-19.Bellon, M; Idle, J; Lay, K; Robinson, S
2023-01-01Loneliness and how to counter it: People with intellectual disability share their experiences and ideasRobinson, S; Idle, J
2023-01-01Applying for Social Housing in Australia–The Centrality of Cultural, Social and Emotional CapitalMorris, A; Clarke, A; Robinson, C; Idle, J; Parsell, C
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