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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Constitutionalism, federalism and reform? Pape v Commissioner of Taxation and Anor -- A conversation with Bryan PapeGrant, BJ; Dollery, B
2016-05-26Mapping research activity on mental health disorders in Europe: Study protocol for the Mapping_NCD projectBerg Brigham, K; Darlington, M; Wright, JSF; Lewison, G; Kanavos, P; Durand-Zaleski, I; Auraaen, A; Begum, M; Busse, R; Borsoi, L; Ciani, O; Espín, J; Gosálvez, D; Hourani, H; Lumba, A; del Mar Requena, M; McDonough, G; Molina-Montes, E; Nauth, D; Pallari, E; Sánchez, MJ; Sommariva, S; Soon, A; Spranger, A; Stephani, V; Tarricone, R; Visintin, E
2013-11-01Trends in place-based economic strategies: England's fixation with 'fleet-of-foot' partnershipsPugalis, L; Townsend, AR
2014-01-01Economies of Scale and Local Government Expenditure: Evidence From AustraliaDrew, J; Kortt, MA; Dollery, B
2012-01Protestantism and work ethic: Evidence from AustraliaKortt, M; Dollery, B; Grant, BJ
2019-04-03Private Renting in a Home-owning Society: Disaster, Diversity or Deviance?Hulse, K; Morris, A; Pawson, H
2013-03-01Public Value: Recovering the Ethical for Public Sector ManagersFisher, J; Grant, B
2015-12-01Learning in Australian local government: A roadmap for improving education & trainingWoods, R; Artist, S; O'Connor, G
2015-01-01The English urban policy debate: An urban policy for allPugalis, L
2010-01-01Tortoises and hares: The race to shared services across australian state and territory jurisdictionsDollery, B; Grant, B
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