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  • Rissanen, TI (DAB Lab, )
    The fashionable crowd are a fickle bunch, with many unspoken dress rules sorting the fashionably elite to the fashionably obsolete. The exhibition Bad Dogs, is all about breaking these codes of conduct in the fashion world ...
  • Banding 
    Burns, D (The Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh, )
  • McMillan, TD
    This large scale cyanotype was purchased by the AGNSW out of this show for exhibition at the AGNSW next year
  • Gwilt, ID (UTS gallery, )
    Background Being Before explores traces of pre-existing objects, experiences and ways of ordering the world. Two multimedia installations explore issues of physical presence and simulated reality, classification and ...
  • Thomas, LE (ANZAScA (Australian and New Zealand Architectural Science Association), 2009-01)
    In response to concerns of climate change, the growing emphasis on sustainable architecture is matched by a plethora of regulatory codes and rating schemes that mandate or benchmark building environmental performance in ...
  • Baumann, C; Brennan, T; Zeibots, ME (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS, 2012-01)
  • Reinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R (2011-01-01)
  • BLK 
    Pandolfo, B (UTS Industrial Design, )
    When timber is used in the construction of housing and furniture, an inevitable by-product of the production process is off-cuts. These small pieces of timber are often odd sizes, they are deemed no longer useful and are ...
  • Burke, AJ (American Institute of Architects, )
    Specualtive design project internationally exhibited and published researching the impact of relational and analytical software on design process and form.
  • Diniz, N; Anderson, B (Lisbon Architecture Triennale, )
  • Langham, E; Dunstan, C; Walgenwitz, G; Denvir, P; Lederwasch, AJ; Lander, J (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS and Energetics, 2010-01)
    Meeting Australia's energy needs sustainably will be a major challenge for the next decade. Electricity consumption is forecast to increase by over 20 percent in the next 10 years, while peak electrical demand is increasing ...
  • Seymour, A (UTS Gallery, )
    Sheet Music and Burnt Lakes are two works created for Graphic Material, a research-focused exhibition held at the UTS Gallery from August 3-September 3, 2010. The question posed through the exhibition was: How are new ...
  • Smith, A (Immaterial Incorporated, 2007-01)
    Cabinet Magazine is an influential and highly regarded quarterly journal of art and culture. Published by a small non-profit organisation in Brooklyn, New York, each issue reaches around 40,000 readers (comparable to the ...
  • McNeil, PK (Bruno Mondadori, 2010-01)
    Historiographic essay concerning the cultural meaning of the fashion caricature, translated from the English.
  • Titmarsh, M (2008-01)
    A solo performance involving the making of coloured things and coloured events that related to the actions of painting.
  • Titmarsh, M (Conny Dietzschold, )
    An exhibition of Sydney artists exploring the object based nature of painting
  • Pigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ (DAB Documents, )
  • Chapman, N; Croker, N (City Of Ryde, 2011-01)
    In his capacity as Ryde Council's Place Manager Major Centres, Nick Chapman was responsible for drafting the environment section of the 140 page Environment and Open Space Study. Nick's work included research of relevant ...
  • Karaminas, V (McMillan Reference USA, 2007-01)
    This article was published in a three-volume international encyclopedia of the colonised world. My research brought together the issue of Middle Eastern fashion, identity and colonisation.