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  • Rampage 
    Dwyer, CM (ABC National Radio, 2005-01)
    Description: This work follows on from the previous feature, Soundtrack To War, also prodnced in collaboration with Australian war artist George Gittoes. In this feature, Gittoes travels to Miami with Eliot Lovett, one of ...
  • Baur, L; Bonfiglioli, C; Caterson, ID; Colagiuri, R; Cretikos, M; Leeder, S; Murray, K; Pearson, S; Sim, K; Torode, M; Wake, M; Wittert, G (Sydney University Nutrition Research Foundation, 2007-01)
    Senator Guy Barnett has held eight Healthy Lifestyle Forums to Help Combat Childhood Obesity since entering the Senate in 2002. The most recent forum, held on 20 June 2007 at Australian Parliament House Canberra, brought ...
  • Dwyer, CM (ABC Books, 2005-01)
  • Beilharz, KA (Australian Music Centre, 2005-01)
    Background This is a work for solo violin and piano of approximately 10 minutes duration for professional standard performers. It is an original composition score available through the Australia Music Centre Sydney, the ...
  • Macris, A (Fairfax, 2011-01)
    IT'S of the great truisms of fiction writing: show, don't tell. Like all truisms, it needs to be handled with care. Showing, in its most extreme form, will lead you simply to compiling a list of objects. While you'll achieve ...
  • Morton, T; Aroney, EE (ABC, 2010-01)
    Sharleen Spiteri was a sex worker, a drug user, and she was HIV+. In July 1989, Sharleen Spiteri appeared on the national current affairs TV program 60 Minutes and told reporter Jeff McMullen that she tried to get her ...
  • Titmarsh, M (Marrickville Garage, )
    A performance in which the artist sprays the walls and ceiling of the gallery space with coloured spray string and then is eventually sprayed himself by the other performers until he is covered with coloured string.
  • Titmarsh, M (Marrickville Garage, 2015-02-10)
    A performance in which the artist sprays the walls and ceiling of the gallery space with coloured spray string and then is eventually sprayed himself by the other performers until he is covered with coloured string.
  • Caines, C (Chris Caines, )
    Background - Sixteen Days was funded from two sources, a New Work grant from the Australia Council ($15k) an Asialink Residency in Bangkok ($12k) which afforded the time to post produce the piece. It sits within a practice ...
  • Spurr, S (University of Sydney, 2004-01)
    Book Review/Commentary of 'Skateboarding, Space and the City' by Ian Borden
  • Price, J (Canberra Times, 2007-01)
    Background As the news has the power to set the public agenda, significant gaps in the news media can contribute to policy neglect. The has author identified a significant gap in the newsmedia - there are columnists who ...
  • Carey, G (ABC Books, 2006-01)
    Background The essay is a form of literature that has a strong history in England and the United States but the form is not so strong in Australia. The popular understanding of an essay is a style and form that is overly ...
  • Barrell, A (Griffith University, 2008-01)
    When Formula One 'supremo' Max Mosley successfully sued Britain's News ofthe World (NoW) for its invasion of his 'privacy' in 2008 (he was secretly filmed in the company of five hired handmaidens administering stern ...
  • Dwyer, CM (ABC Radio National, 2004-01)
    This program was a collaboration with the Australian war artist George Gittoes. about the uses of music by US troops in the Iraq war. The program used interviews, music and sound recorded by Gittoes for his film of the ...
  • Dwyer, CM (ABC Radio National, 2005-01)
    Description: A two part series exploring the ethical issues and conflicts around the use of sperm in assisted reproduction, and the cultural anxieties surrounding debates over parenthood. Part one compares the legal framework ...
  • Macris, A (Central Queensland University Press, 2006-01)
    Spider's Lane is a chapter from my novel-in-progress, Great Western Highway. In traditional novelistic terms, it deals with the novel's love story, as a young Sydney couple comes to grips with the decision to start a family ...
  • Beilharz, KA (Australian Music Centre, 2008-01)
    Background This is a solo flute work of approximately 5 minute's duration. It was composed for a senior high school student completing the performance part of the HSC curriculum. Contribution This work contributes to the ...
  • Price, J (The Canberra Times, 2006-01)
    Background In 2006, political and religious voices were gaining more coverage than scientists in the stem cell debate. This investigation, consisting of features and a news story in the Canberra Times, focussed on representing ...
  • Neumark, N; Miranda, MC (Wollongong City Gallery, )
    An ongoing cross-media project sparked by the terrifying spectre of global cimate change.
  • Neumark, N; Miranda, M (Pictura Gallery, the Netherland, )