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  • McFarlane, DJ; Inman, M; White, S; Loh, MT; Turner, AJ; English, L (CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, 2005-01)
    Through the State Water Strategy the Government of Western Australia has committed to using Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) in its water allocation and licensing processes (Government of Western Australia, 2003). There ...
  • Gothe, Jacqueline; Gusheh, Mitra; Steffenson, Victor (TKRP, 2006)
  • Reinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R (Canberra, 2006-01)
    Canberra is distinctive in international terms as a planned city. At the centre of the planning geometry sits the nations Parliament House. Its foreground consists of a range of buildings containing Australia's major public ...
  • Wallen, LP (2006-01)
    Struck by the lightning: The ongoing research with choreographer Juan Carlos Garcia and his company, Lanonima Imperial, is based on a continual dialogue about the body in space and its dialogue with electronic time-based ...
  • Reinmuth, G; Balmforth, S; Blythe, R (Maitland City, 2006-01)
    An existing bowling Club requested a significant transformation to address energy and occupation issues while providing an iconic new form that signaled a new identity. Three key elements emerged as essential to the initial ...
  • Hewett, BR; Crone, G (BlueScope Lysaght, 2006-01)
    East Latitude at World Square. 52 Goulburn Street, Sydney. Commercial Office Building. Design Architect: Ben Hewett, Crone Partners Architecture Studios. Latitude East @ World Square awarded "Winner of the Multi-Level Steel ...
  • Gothe, J; Steffensen, V; Girault, CJ (TKRP, 2006-01)
    The Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways (TKRP) is a grassroots indigenous Elder led and co-created project. The project was initiated by Kuku Thaypan Elders from Laura - Tommy George and George Musgrave with Victor ...
  • Smith, A (ArtReview, 2006-01)
    The genre of art and design criticism still revolves around the publication of carefully considered studies of individual practitioners and their work. Such writing inherits conventions and difficulties that are over a ...
  • McFarlane, DJ; Inman, M; Loh, MT; Scott, I; Turner, AJ; Brennan, D (CSIRO: Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, 2006-01)
    Section 2 of this report details the iSDP base case and compares the current demand prediction with one based on a more detailed understanding of the factors underpinning demand. Because the base case is based on year 2000 ...
  • O'Mahony, M (AD/Wiley Publishers, 2006-01)
    Here, Marie O'Mahony focuses on one of the most exciting areas of innovation for textiles - the hybridisation of materials and engineering techniques. It is, as she explains, the very blurring of what a textile constitutes ...
  • O'Mahony, M (MoMA, 2006-01)
    Almost every mate rial we encounte r in our daily lives can, in the hands of the materia ls engineer, be used to provide some form of safety. Mate rials that are now commonplace were often firs t used in top-secret milita ...
  • Minnaert, F (Industrial Design Society, 2006-01)
    WINNER of the Australian IDEA Design Awards Category: Concept - Project : Nimby IDEA, the (inside) Design Excellence Awards, is Australia's most prestigious interdisciplinary awards, celebrating design that changes the way ...
  • Wallen, LP; Reber, H; Krug, F (2006-01)
    Walking in the limits is a homogenic artistic work made of sound, words and space, dealing with the understanding of space and time in a very existential sense: it reflects upon perception and illumines the structures of ...
  • Heffer, C. (, 2007)
  • Karaminas, Vicki (Penrith Regional Gallery, 2007)
    This exhibition was to commemorate the track suit as a cultural and political icon.
  • Pandolfo, Berto (Metropolitan State College of Denver, USA, 2007)
    Substance: Diverse Practices from the Periphery, an international exhibition that highlights the contributions of over 30 contemporary industrial, graphic, architectural, environmental and media design innovators who are ...
  • Reskin 
    Heffer Cecilia (Australian Network for Art + Technology, 2007)
    The Australian 18th Jan â¿¿07 Feeling Their Way to the Future by Rosalie Higson (1/4 page) 435,000 readers NAT
  • Wear Now 
    Heffer Cecilia (This is not art., 2007)
  • Heffer, C (Laurence King Publishing London Ltd, 2007-01)
    collection of contemporary surface patterns
  • Heffer, C; Dorst, K; Shepherd, R; Williamson, L; Carnie, BW; Trouton, L (DAB DOCS, 2007-01)