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  • Coupland, NJ (John Benjamims, 2010-01)
  • Suhood, T; Flowers, R; Gethin, A (Blacktown Alcohol and Other Drugs Family Service, 2006-01)
    research report
  • Swan, E (Taylor and Francis, 2013-01)
    Performance energy bars, gels, and blasts, jelly belly sports beans, gatorade drinks and energy bites, and powerade; organically grown fruits, nuts and eggs; tomatoes, squash, okra, broccoli, beans, eggplant, peppers; ...
  • Editorial 
    Spongberg, M (2009-06)
  • Spongberg, M (Taylor and Francis, 2012-01)
    This editorial is probably superfluous. Anyone who knows Marg Allen knows how much those of us who work in Womens/Gender Studies owe her. Margs generosity of intellect and spirit has enlivened so much of the feminist work ...
  • Jones, Meredith (Boccalatte, 2009)
    Welcome to the first of the TRUNK series-corporeal, personal and sensual books. They are intended to be coveted, consumable and engrossing as a whole, yet filled with short pieces so that each book can also be flipped ...
  • Coupland, NJ; Bishop, H (Routledge, 2009-01)
  • Dreyfus, S; Hood, S; Strenglin, M (Continuum, 2011-01)
  • Vanni Accarigi, I (Second Life, )
    Background Second Life (SL) is an online 3d environment created by its users, who can meet together in the same place to discuss, role-play, design, write collaborative narratives, and build their own virtual worlds. SL ...
  • Vanni Accarigi, I
    Background I was commissioned to curate this exhibition by Museum of Sydney, a highly regarded institution among peers for its research-based exhibitions. The show was the second most successful in the history of the museum. ...
  • Andersen, LJ; Ashton, P (Sage, 2003-01)
  • Spongberg, M (Taylor and Francis, 1997-01)
    The publication of Annamarie Jagose's Queer Theory and Jill Julius Matthews Sex in Public mark something of a watershed in theorising around sex and sexuality in Australia. Matthews' striking collection represents the ...
  • Falconer, DC (University of Hawaii Press, )
    I, Mary the Larrikin, tart of Jerilderie, have loved for roast beef and I have loved for the feather on a well-trimmed hat. In my room above the hotel bar I have felt a squatter's spurs and sucked once on a bishop's fingers. ...
  • Aroney, EE (Macquarie University, 2009-01)
    Luckily for ABC radio documentary producer Tony Barrell, the answer to this question was a largely unqualified yes. Barrells prolific thirty-year career includes conventional current affairs and historically based TV and ...
  • Jones, MR (Boccalatte, 2009-01)
    Her prayers were answered-overnight, she grew a moustache and beard. This resulted not only in the unwanted fiancee fleeing, but also in the terrible rage of her father, who had her crucified. Images of Wilgefortis show a ...
  • Jones, MR (Boccalatte, 2009-01)
    Medieval and Renaissance paintings of the crucifixion almost always include a woman kneeling and crying just below Christ's feet. Her hair is often blonde, sometimes reddish, and very long. The other women depicted have ...
  • Jones, MR (Boccalatte, 2009-01)
    Annie Jones was born in r865 in America. Her parents began exhibiting her at the age of nine months under the name 'The Infant Esau'. (Esau is a figure in the Old Testament who was born hairy-the name means hairy in Hebrew.) ...
  • Allatson, PV (Monash University Museum of Art/Museo de Arte Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2003-01)
    "Look Slowly/A Mirar Despacito!: Venia un dolor abatido ..." Book and exhibition text to accompany images for the TypicalslTipicos exhibition and associated publication by Silvia Velez, Monash University Museum of Art, ...