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  • Turner, GA; Neumark, N; Miranda, M; Weakley, AJ (Creativity and Cognition Studio Press, 2004-01)
  • Costello, BM; Muller, E; Amitani, S; Edmonds, EA (Creativity and Cognition Studios Press, 2005-01)
    This paper describes a study into the situated experience of interactive art. The study was conducted with audiences of the artwork Iamascope and is framed by the four categories of embodied experience that have been ...
  • Ferguson, S; Cabrera, D; Beilharz, KA; Song, H (ICAD, 2006-01)
  • Roxburgh, Mark (Monash University, Faculty of Art and Design, 2005)
  • Reid, A; Petocz, P (Asutralian Association of Researchers in Music Education AARME, 2003-01)
  • Leung, LT; Humphreys, TJ; Weakley, AJ (Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Press, 2008-01)
    The paper details the preliminary results of a research and design project for the Australasian Centre for Interaction Designs Virtual Communities program. The project aims to mine knowledge from an email archive through ...
  • Joseph, SA (The Australian Association of Writing Programs, 2008-01)
    Ever since Tom Wolfe wrote a thirteen page essay entitled The birth of the new journalism, eyewitness report by Tom Wolfe in the Seventies, debate has raged over what this New Journalism or literary journalism or creative ...
  • Beilharz, KA (ICAD, 2005-01)
    This paper proposes a framework for gestural interaction with information sanification in order to both monitor data aurally and, in addition, to interact with it, transform and even modify the source data in a two-way ...
  • Macris, A (AAWP, 2008-01)
    One of the paradoxes of any artistic process is the transformation of the intensities of thought and sensation into the empirical fixities of form. For novelists, the sentence, paragraph and chapter are the standard textual ...
  • Carey, G (University of Western Sydney, 2005-01)
    This paper looks at the phenomenon of celebrity and how it has affected publishing and the literary culture of Australia.