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  • Underhill, Karen. (American Library Association, 2006-03)
  • Berryman, Jennifer M. (Journal of Information Science, 2007)
    In this article, theories of human judgement and decision making are reviewed and their use by library and information science researchers examined. A different perspective on judgement and decision making is offered by ...
  • Nakata, Martin.; Langton, Marcia. (UTSePress, 2007-02-19)
    This book is an outcome of the Libraries and Indigenous Knowledge Colloquium held at the State Library of New South Wales in December 2004. The editors have taken advantage of the opportunity provided by the substance and ...
  • Willinsky, John (2008-12-12)
    This is a presentation by John Willinsky, hosted jointly by UTS Library and the UTS Academic Board regarding open access and academic scholarship. Willinsky is currently on the faculty of the Stanford University School ...
  • Byrne, Alex (2010-04-12)
    The University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has embarked on a major redevelopment of its City Campus. A key element of this redevelopment is the planned construction of a new University Library at the centre of the ...
  • Davies, Will (2010-05-03)
    In this Markets Forum, Will Davies, challenges the presentation of history. Will has worked in the documentary film industry since completing his BA in 1972, his interest in history stirred by tales of explorers as a ...
  • Lally, Elaine (2010-05-07)
    There are growing demands on students and those in the workforce to be more innovative and creative. In this Markets Forum, Associate Professor Elaine Lally will explore what it means to develop the creative and expressive ...
  • Kirby, Michael (2010-11-08)
    The Honourable Michael Kirby discusses the relationship between Religion and HIV. Kirby has been involved in international activities in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic since the mid-1980s. Recently, he attended a ...
  • Joachim, Dale R (2010-12-01)
  • Brungs, Attila; Byrne, Alex (2011-02-21)
    Welcome by the University Librarian, Dr Alex Byrne and Opening Address by Professor Attila Brungs, DVC (Research)
  • Small, Luc; Mulhollann, Elizabeth (2011-02-21)
    Elizabeth Mulhollann from the Library's eScholarship Unit and Luc Small from Intersect discuss national developments and initiatives in Data Management processes and policy and how these can benefit researchers at UTS.
  • Gorman, Susanna (2011-02-21)
    Susanna Gorman, Research Ethics Manager: Human, discusses the importance of research ethics policy and practice at UTS and how researchers can ensure that they comply with these
  • Berlage, Mark (2011-02-21)
    Mark Berlage, Executive Manager, Research Development, discusses research funding at UTS and how researchers can improve their ability to successfully apply for grants and funding.
  • Tennant, Mark (2011-02-21)
    Prof. Mark Tennant, former Dean of the University Graduate School, discusses the structure of a research thesis, and give advice and insights into the process of creating one.
  • McWhirter, Scott (2011-02-21)
    Scott McWhirter, Executive Manager, Research Policy Development, discusses researchers' responsibilities for reporting their research at UTS, and how the Researchmaster software program is used to assist with this. Scott ...
  • Royce, Terry (2011-02-21)
    Dr Terry Royce from ELSSA discusses essential writing and study skills and the support that is available for researchers at UTS.
  • Watterson, Peter; Beins, David; Noble, Matthew (2011-02-21)
    Matthew Noble, the UTS Copyright Advisor, and David Beins, UTS Executive Manager (Industry and Commercialisation) discuss Copyright, Commercialisation and Intellectual Property responsibilities for researchers at UTS. This ...
  • Gardiner, Gabrielle (2011-02-21)
    Gabrielle Gardiner, Manager of eResearch at UTS, outlines research support and open access publishing opportunities available through UTSeScholarship.
  • Booth, Mal (2011-02-21)
    Mal Booth, Director of the Library's Education and Research Services Unit, discusses the rapidly evolving field of Social Media and how researchers can take advantage of this to enhance the way you interact with your ...
  • Grob, Suzanne (2011-02-22)
    As individual consumers we all shop for food and clothing and other discretionary items; however this shopping basket grows when you consider the consumption habits of organisations and this expands exponentially if ...