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  • McCutcheon, A. L.; Wilson, M. A.; Hartung-Kagi, B.; Ooi, K. (American Chemical Society, 2002)
    Proton nuclear magnetic spin-spin relaxation time distributions (Tz distributions) for a water-saturated cylinder of sandstone (radius 6.5 cm and length 17.55 em) have been studied as a function of drying time. By ...
  • Xu Xiaoda; Cortie Michael (Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH, 2006)
    It is shown here that deviations from prolate ellipsoidal shape have a significant effect on the optical properties of gold nanorods. Transitions from rods to ‘dumbbell’, or ‘phi’-shaped particles lead to a shift in the ...
  • Wang, Guoxiu; Bewlay, S.; Needham, S.; Liu, H.; Liu, R.; Drozd, V.; Lee, J.; Chen, J. (Electrochemical Society, Inc., 2006)
    Nanocrystalline LiFePO4 and doped LiTi0.01Fe0.99PO4 powders were synthesized via a sol-gel preparation route. High-resolution tunneling electron microscopy observation and energy dispersive spectroscopy, mapping show the ...
  • Ralph Peter; Smith Rachael; Macinnis-Ng Catriona; Seery Clifford (Taylor &Francis, 2007)
    Chlorophyll a fluorescence has the potential to become a valuable ecotoxicological endpoint, which could be used with a range of aquatic phototrophs. Chlorophyll a fluorescence bioassays have been applied in the assessment ...