A decline in the abundance and condition of a native bivalve associated with Caulerpa taxifolia invasion

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dc.contributor.author Wright, JT
dc.contributor.author McKenzie, L
dc.contributor.author Gribben, PE
dc.date.accessioned 2012-02-02T11:15:03Z
dc.date.issued 2007-01
dc.identifier.citation Marine and Freshwater Research, 2007, 58 (3), pp. 263 - 272
dc.identifier.issn 1323-1650
dc.identifier.other N1 en_US
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10453/16858
dc.description.abstract Caulpera taxifolia is a fast-spreading invasive seaweed that threatens biodiversity in temprate Australian estuaries. To date, little is known about its effects on infauna. In the present study, we describe variation in demographic and life-history traits of the abundant infaunal bivalve, Anadara trapezia, in C. taxifolia and uninvaded habitats (seagrass and unvegetated sediments) at multiple sites across three estuaries in south-eastern New South Wales. Densities of A.trapezia werw always lower in C. taxifolia than on unvegetated sediment, and lower in C. taxifolia than in seagrass at three out of four sites where they were compared. Dry tissue weight of a. trapezia was also lower in C. taxifolia than on unvegetated sediment at most sites, but was onlylower in C. taxifolia than in seagrass at one of four sites. Populations were dominated by larger individuals (>45 mm length), but smaller individuals (35-45 mm length) wwere more common in C. taxifolia and seagrass. A. trapezia shell weight and morphology was variable and appeared weakly affected by invasion. Generally our findings are consistent with the hypothesis that A. trapezia is negatively affected by C. taxifolia. However, C. taxifolia invasion appears complex and, at some places, its effects may not differ from those of native seagrass. There is a need for manipulative studies to understand the mechanisms underlying the effects of C. taxifolia on infauna.
dc.publisher CSIRO Publishing
dc.relation.isbasedon 10.1071/MF06150
dc.subject Anadara trapezia, infauna, invasive species, Marine Biology & Hydrobiology, MD Multidisciplinary
dc.subject Anadara trapezia, infauna, invasive species; Marine Biology & Hydrobiology
dc.title A decline in the abundance and condition of a native bivalve associated with Caulerpa taxifolia invasion
dc.type Journal Article
dc.parent Marine and Freshwater Research
dc.journal.volume 3
dc.journal.volume 58
dc.journal.number en_US
dc.publocation Sydney en_US
dc.identifier.startpage en_US
dc.identifier.endpage en_US
dc.cauo.name FASS.Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences en_US
dc.conference Verified OK en_US
dc.for 0602 Ecology
dc.for MD Multidisciplinary
dc.personcode 78167733 en_US
dc.percentage 100 en_US
dc.classification.name Performing Arts and Creative Writing en_US
dc.classification.type FOR-08 en_US
dc.edition en_US
dc.custom en_US
dc.date.activity en_US
dc.location.activity en_US
dc.description.keywords Blood ties en_US
dc.description.keywords Anadara trapezia, infauna, invasive species
dc.staffid en_US
pubs.embargo.period Not known
pubs.organisational-group /University of Technology Sydney
pubs.organisational-group /University of Technology Sydney/Faculty of Science
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