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  • Anderson, B; Bobrova, Y; Glazko, A (Hertfordshire County Council, UK, 2010-01)
    This infrastructure re-development project was commissioned by the National UK Highways Agency. (it has not yet been approved or realised.) The design team consisted of Benedict Anderson (design leader), Alexandra Glazko ...
  • Pandolfo, B; Verghese, G (The University of Gothenburg, 2013-01)
    The task of a designer is to project the future into the present by articulating a possible outcome to an existing condition. This paper will examine the outcomes of these projections, through a comparative analysis of a ...
  • Ge, J; SUSILAWATI, C (Queensland University of Technology, 2013-01)
    Many Australian families are unable to access homeownership. This is because house prices are very high to the severely or seriously unaffordable level. Therefore, many low income families will need to rely on affordable ...
  • Sundays 
    Sadokierski, ZA (DAB LAB, )
    A bit of reading on a lazy Sunday is a favourite past time for many, which is why Zoë Sadokierski's exhibition Sundays will attract a few admirers.
  • Stewart, C (Gimpel Fils London, )
    Super Border is a series of sixty photographic images taken along the route of the new €300 million Integrated External Vigilance System, a surveillance system located along the southern Mediterranean coast and designed ...
  • Maxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA (Links International, 2010-01)
  • Pigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; McGee, W (-, )
  • Pigram, DA; Maxwell, IJ; McGee, W (-, )
  • Holmes, MI; Crews, KI; Ding, GK (Arizona State University, 2012-01)
    Supply Chain Management (SCM) originated in the manufacturing industry and then in the construction industry in the mid 1990s. SCM is the management of the entire supply chain instead of individual parts or processes. Its ...
  • Walden, RJ; Kokotovich, V (Griffith Institute for Educational Research, 2012-01)
    Often Industrial Design students at the tertiary level, and Design & Technology students at the secondary level, complete a major project in their final year. These projects may be framed as being self-initiated design ...
  • Benjamin Andrew (Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2006)
    The argument in this paper is that surface should be understood neither as a merely structural, nor as a merely decorative aspect of building. Rather, the creation of surfaces (interior walls or fa ••ades and so on) ...
  • Benjamin, AE (Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 2006-01)
    The argument in this paper is that surface should be understood neither as a merely structural, nor as a merely decorative aspect of building. Rather, the creation of surfaces (interior walls or faccedilades and so on) ...
  • Loke, L; Khut, PG (The Association for Computing Machinery - ACM, 2011-01)
    In our approach to body-focused interactive art, the tangible material with which we craft interactional aesthetic experiences is body experience. Touch and proprioception become primary materials for exploration and ...
  • Kokotovich, V (Organizing Committee of TMCE 2012, 2012-01)
    If something is designed and built, it was made purposefully. Design is about intent, planning, and sticking to the 'The Plan'. As we evolve design solutions to various design problems and various aspects of the design ...
  • Ding, GK (The Chinese Research Institute of Construction Management, 2010-01)
    Environmental performance of residential development has played an important role in achieving the goal of sustainable construction. Green homes have been or are being built in many countries. This paper discusses the ...
  • Gwilt, A (DAB, )
    Exhibition was featured in editorial in the Ragtrader fashion industry magazine
  • Gillen Michael; Scanlan Jody (Federation Press, 2004)
  • Gillen, MJ; Scanlan, J (The Federation Press, 2004-01)
  • Ghosh, S (CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, LLC, 2012-01)
    This chapter in the 'Future Trends' section of the book focuses on understanding issues associated with local food production and its potential from energy and environmental sustainability perspectives. It reviews barriers ...
  • Ghosh, S (Taylor & Francis, 2010-01)
    Gardens, as important elements of Australian suburban residential environments, could have significant sustainability potential similar to that of dwellings. Research to identify the cumulative (social, cultural, environmental ...