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  • McNeil, PK (Berg, 2010-01)
    In the global culture of the carly twenty~first century, in which de~ signers' names provide the subplots of films and television shows such as Sex and the City, the linking of the £1shion designer with creativity, fantasy, ...
  • McNeil, PK (Berg, 2010-01)
    There are fashions not just in dress but in all aspectsf life, from the time and manner of taking meals to the ways in which people sit. Clothes arc animated by bodies moving in space, through gesture and deportment, and ...
  • Gwilt, A; Rissanen, TI
    This project explored the issue of fashion and sustainability, specifically the way in which fashion clothing is produced, used and discarded. It highlighted a variety of sustainable strategies that addressed the problem ...
  • Karaminas, Vicki (Penrith Regional Gallery, 2007)
    This exhibition was to commemorate the track suit as a cultural and political icon.
  • Riello, G; McNeil, PK (Routledge, 2010-01)
    The idea that dress has the power \to express', that is to say that what we wear conveys meaning regarding who we are in terms of gender and class, but also who we are in terms of cultural attributes, education and taste, ...
  • Kairuz Gonzalez, EA (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2010-01)
    Venezuelan architect, artist and educator EduardoKairuz reveals how beneath the stereotypical view of Caracas as the `Murder Capital of the World lies a history of savage imposition, dating back to its founding in the 16th ...
  • Jakovich, J (Sydney University Press, 2006-01)
  • Titmarsh, M (DAB DOCS, 2006-01)
  • Perin, GJ (Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ), 2010-01)
  • Titmarsh, M (Invitation, Floor Sheet, Directors Letter and Press Clippings, )
    Background - This work was included in the Figure it Out exhibition which coincided with The Figure in Question exhibition, focusing mainly on the human figure and draughtsman skills in contemporary painting. Contribution ...
  • Jakovich, J; McDermott, J (DAB LAB Research Gallery, University of Technology Sydney, )
    Background In the international field of architectural design, sensing and tracking technologies are under-utilised in the creation of designerly, atmospheric environments, and are applied in the moderation of environmental ...
  • Wang, W (Australasian Transport Research Forum, 2013-01)
    While the Gold Coast has been successful in negotiating $1 billion in joint funds to build its light rail system and to improve travel between its urban activity centres, the community of the Newcastle region is currently ...
  • Palmer, CG; Gothe, J; Mitchell, CA; Riedy, C; Sweetapple, K; McLaughlin, SM; Hose, GC; Lowe, M; Goodall, H; Green, T; Sharma, D; Fane, SA; Brew, K; Jones, PR (Charles Sturt University, 2007-01)
  • Gothe, Jacqueline (University of Hertfordshire UK, 2002)
  • Bakker, S; van den Hoven, E; Eggen, B (ACM, 2013-01)
    This paper presents a research-through-design study into interactive systems for a primary school setting to support teachers' everyday tasks. We developed an open-ended interactive system called FireFlies, which is intended ...
  • Bakker, S; Van Den Hoven, E; Eggen, B (2012)
    Primary school teachers usually perform several tasks simultaneously. Many secondary tasks, such as giving turns or encouraging children to work silently, could be supported by interactive systems, which may lighten the ...
  • Boydell, S; Arvanitakis, J (Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China, 2012-01)
    This paper explores the meaning of a Republic from an Australian perspective. We look beyond populist discussions of the head of state, flag and anthem sparked by the recent visit of Prince William. Taking an allegorical ...
  • Sadokierski, ZA (Allen and Unwin, 2010-01)
    Five wounds (2010, Allen & Unwin) is a noteworthy title within Australian publishing because illustrated fiction for adult readers is an emergent field. Visual writing/hybrid books was the focus of my doctoral research, ...
  • Clifton-Cunningham, Alana (College of Fine Art, 2005)
    Group exhibition - individual creative works x 2
  • Lai, W; Eades, PD; Huang, M (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003-01)