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  • Maravillas, F (Miegunyah Press, Melbourne University Publishing, 2009-01)
    In his work entitled Entry Points (see fi gure 1), the Malaysian artist and art historian the late Redza Piyadasa explores the relationship between the work of art and the conditions under which it becomes legible in history ...
  • Edmonds, EA (Libri Publishing, 2011-01)
    The chapter reviews the development of frameworks for thinking and talking about interactive art in the context of my personal practice over the last forty years. It traces a number of paths taken, from an early simple ...
  • Skilbeck, R (South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development University of Papua New Guinea, 2008-01)
    The writing of art journalism has played a key yet little acknowledged role in the ongoing expansion of the international contemporary art world, and the multi-billion dollar global art economy. This article discusses some ...
  • Skilbeck, R (South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development University of Papua New Guinea, 2009-01)
    Arts journalism and reflective practice intersect in a new field of `journalism as researchï½ (Bacon 2006). This article takes an innovative approach informed by the multimodal, musical and psychogenic fugue to discuss a ...
  • Titmarsh, M; Tonkinwise, C (Octivium Press, QCA, Griffith Uni, Brisbane, 2013-01)
    a debate with the co-author Cameron Tonkinwise of Carnegie Mellon University, USA, as to the ontological acumen of art versus design.
  • Turner, GA; Weakley, AJ; Zhang, Y; Edmonds, EA (University of Sussex, 2005-01)
  • Edmonds, EA; Pauletto, S (ACM Press, 2004-01)
    This paper discusses art systems that employ image and sound as equal elements. This can be called the evolution of the "audiovisual discourse" in art and technology. Recent software for manipulation of audio and visual ...
  • Johnston, RR (Routledge, 2004-01)
  • Chubb, P; Bacon, W (Projekt Verlag, 2010-01)
    On June 24, 2010, six months after the end the Copenhagen Summit in a day of high drama, the Australian Labor Party dumped its leader, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, in favour of his deputy, Julia Gillard. The politics of ...
  • Joseph, SA (ejournalist, 2011-01)
    Figures confirm that Australians avidly read their creative non-fiction. But most would be unable to name the genre; it is not as widely defined or discussed in Australia as it is in the USA and UK, where it is actively ...
  • Morton, T (ABC, 2005-01)
    The program was produced for Background Briefing, ABC Radio Nationalâs flagship investigative journalism program. The programs listed below are each 54 minutes in duration and the product of 6-7 weeks of intensive research, ...
  • Bonfiglioli, C; Hattersley, L; King, L (2011-08)
    OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to analyse the contribution of Australian print news coverage to the public profile of sweet, non-alcoholic beverages. News media portrayal of health contributes to individuals' decision-making. ...
  • Manning, PC (I.B.Tauris, 2006-01)
  • McKee, A (Sage Publications Inc, 2012-01)
    Different archives of television material construct different versions of Australian national identity. There exists a Pro-Am archive of Australian television history materials consisting of many individual collections. ...
  • Connan, H; Ray, AS; Thomas, P (Australian Ceramic Society, 2007-01)
  • Bonfiglioli, C (Royal Australian Chemical Institute, 2011-01)
  • McKnight, DC (Routledge Journals, 2003-01)
    This paper outlines the high level of interest that News Corporation's Chief Executive Officer, Rupert Murdoch, has always had in politics. It details his trajectory on the political spectrum, arguing that while his position ...
  • Caines, C (2008-01)
    Background A Year on the Road was curated into the Sound Of Failure Festival to engage with the theme of the festival, the aesthetics of error, the glitch, the break in continuity. It did so by employing a algorithmically ...
  • Muecke, S (Routledge, 2001-01)
  • Titmarsh, M (Stonevilla Studio Gallery, )
    1. Bespoke Painting (pink), 2011, acrylic on linen dress 2. Bespoke Painting (blue), 2011, acrylic on linen dress 3. Public Fitting, 2011, dvd, 18 mins