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  • Manning, PC (Network Insight Institute, 2007-01)
    There is no doubt we journalists are a thin-skinned lot. The latest example is my friend George Negus in last weeks Sydney Morning Herald TV Guide. SBS is under attack for increasing advertisements, lowering ratings and ...
  • Hansen, Guy (National Museum of Australia, 2012)
    Captivating and Curious opened at the National Museum of Australia on 14 December 2005. This exhibition explored the history of the National Historical Collection (NHC), the Museum's main collection, from its origins in ...
  • Knight, AD (, 2006-01)
    News Corporation is converging text, audio, television, and animation to become the first fully globalised, integrated media consortium. The company Is switching its emphasis from newspapers, which provided the launching ...
  • Burraston, DM; Burraston, DM; Edmonds, EA; Edmonds, EA (Routledge Journals, Taylor & Francis LtdRoutledge Journals, Taylor & Francis Ltd, 2005-01)
    This paper will review electronic music and sonic art applications of Cellular automata (CA) in a historical and technical context. Algorithmic and computational processes have been of interest to artists for many years, ...
  • Burraston, DM; Edmonds, EA; Livingston, D; Miranda, E (International Computer Music Association, 2004-01)
  • Aroney, EE (ABC Radio National, 2005-01)
    Cetaceans Vs Bush Produced by Eurydice Aroney and Kirsty Lee Background A radio documentary produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Aroney, Lee, ...
  • Leimbach, Tania (2010-04-29)
    The task assigned to artists by Samuel Beckett to “find a form that accommodates the mess” is realised in the discipline and process of the photographers presented in The Challenged Landscape. Their work reflects a ...
  • Edwards, Sandy (2010-04-29)
    In 1980 I met Bonita Ely in Rundle Street Mall Adelaide at a performance titled Murray River Punch (1980). She was wearing a twin set and pearls as she offered passersby a lethal cocktail containing a recipe of contents ...
  • Foreshew, Nicole (UTS Gallery, 2011-04-28)
    change has come awakens us. In the aftermath of rising floodwaters and underground eruptions threatening human ‘civilisations’, these works express a rising from the rubble. They demonstrate through technologies, the ...
  • Ferguson, S; Kenny, DT; Mitchell, HF; Ryan, M; Cabrera, D (Elsevier, 2013-01)
    A 3-year longitudinal study was conducted to investigate changes in vocal quality as a result of singing training at a tertiary level conservatorium in Australia. Singers performed a messa di voce (MDV) at intervals of 6 ...
  • Manasseh, C (Fine Arts Network, University of Melbourne, 2007-01)
    This article addresses how and why video art shaped the museum environment for the 21st century. The argument tracks a period of museological innovation between 1968 and 1990. Beginning with the Museum of Modern Art, New ...
  • Johnston, AJ; Marks, B; Edmonds, EA (Research Publishing Services, 2006-01)
  • Neumark, N; Vaile, I; Thompson, DG (ABC Radio, 2004-01)
    Research Background - While spatial audio was familiar in immersive sound art, its potential on the Internet was ignored for technical and conceptual reasons. There was a need for an experimental artwork to demonstrate ...
  • Johnston, RR (John Benjamins, 2002-01)
  • Donald, SJ (Berg Publishers, 2002-01)
  • Jakubowicz, AH (Taylor and Francis, 2011-01)
    Australian multiculturalism is undergoing major challenges and reformulations. In part, this is due to the rapidly increasing presence of Chinese communities. In the past, `The Chinese were both a major trigger for the ...
  • Muecke, S (Routledge, 2003-01)
  • Titmarsh, M (Verge Gallery, 2015-01-28)
    Chromo-man, 2013, performance Chromo-vitruvian-man, 2013, installation, silly string, variable dimensions Specific Painting3, 2009-2013, slumped perspex, 108x98x60cm The Look, 2013, collage on aluminium, 29 x 53 cm
  • Titmarsh, M (University of Newcastle, 2015-02-10)
    Chromophiliac 2 (fluro pink) and Chromophiliac 2 (fluro green), both slumped perspex, approx 50 x 60 x 70 cm
  • Titmarsh, M (Marrickville Council, 2015-01-28)
    Chromophiliac 2 (2010) (purple) slumped perspex 48 x55 x 97cm, Chromophiliac 2 (2010) (green) slumped perspex 64 x 80 x 93cm