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To be included in this collection the publication must meet the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC) definition of research and:

  • be a major work of scholarship
  • be offered for sale as bound hard copies, packaged CD-ROMs or subscription/fee based e-books
  • have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • be written entirely by a single author, or by joint authors who share responsibility for the whole book
  • have been published by a commercial publisher

The types of books that may meet the criteria include:

  • critical scholarly texts (e.g. music, medieval or classical texts)
  • new interpretations of historical events
  • new ideas or perspectives based on established research findings

The types of books that are unlikely to meet the criteria include:

  • textbooks
  • anthologies
  • edited books
  • creative works such as novels
  • translations
  • revisions or new editions

Collections in this community

Recent Submissions

  • McDonald, M; Wearing, SL (Routlege, 2013-01)
    Social Psychology and Theories of Consumer Culture: A Political Economy Perspective presents a critical analysis of the leading positions in social psychology from the perspective of classical and contemporary theories of ...
  • Idea Work 
    Carlsen, A; Clegg, SR; Gjersvik, R (Cappellen Damm, 2012-01)
    Prepare to be surprised. This book on idea work significantly enriches how we see, understand and do the everyday work of making ideas transformative. The book is simultaneously simple and profound, playful and serious, ...
  • Cashman, R; Harris, R (Walla Walla Press, 2012-01)
    Australia is the first country to develop an international Olympic caravan to cater for the requirements of large-scale sporting and cultural events. Australians have promoted innovations in ceremonies, sports presentation, ...
  • Marley, AA; Regenwetter, M; Grofman, AB; Tsetlin, I (Cambridge University Press, 2006-01)
    Behavioral Social Choice looks at the probabilistic foundations of collective decision-making rules. The authors challenge much of the existing theoretical wisdom about social choice processes, and seek to restore faith ...
  • Devinney, TM; Auger, P; Eckhardt, G (Cambridge University Press, 2010-01)
    Corporations and policy makers are bombarded with international surveys purporting to show that most consumers want ethical products. Yet when companies offer such products they are often met with indifference and limited ...