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2019-11Variedly connected 1,8-naphthalimide-7-chloroquinoline conjugates: Synthesis, anti-mycobacterial and cytotoxic evaluationShalini; Johansen MD; Kremer L; Kumar V
2019-03-01Synthesis of a Dipole Array with Optimally End-fire Directive PatternHuang H; Liu Y; Chen L; Qin PY; Guo YJ
2019-01-01Online engagement for a healthier you: A Case Study of Web-based Supermarket Health ProgramLuo L; Li B; Berkovsky S; Koprinska I; Chen F
2019-09-23A customer-based-strategy to minimize the cost of energy consumption by optimal utilization of energy resources in an apartment buildingRafique S; Nizami MSH; Irshad UB; Hossain MJ; Town GE
2019-11-22Tales from the Valley of Death Reflections from Psychotherapy on the Fear of DeathMenzies RG; Menzies RE
2019-02-01Clutch-to-clutch gearshift control for multi-speed electric vehicles during regenerative braking eventsWalker PD; Ruan J; Zhou S; Zhang N
2019-01-01Improvements in plan-driven truck dispatching systems for surface miningSamavati M; Palmer AW; Hill AJ; Seiler KM
2019-06-01Advanced power routing framework for optimal economic operation and control of solar photovoltaic-based islanded microgridMahmud MAP; Hossain MJ; Nizami MSH; Rahman MS; Farjana SH; Huda N; Lang C
2019-05-01A Decentralized Private Data Transaction Pricing and Quality Control MethodYao L; Jia Y; Zhang H; Long K; Pan M; Yu S
2019-05-15A New Grid-support Strategy with PV Units to Enhance Short-term Voltage StabilityIslam M; Mithulananthan N; Hossain MJ; Bhumkittipich K
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