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2018-09-01A study of cut blasting for one-step raise excavation based on numerical simulation and field blast testsLiu, K; Li, Q; Wu, C; Li, X; Li, J
2004-01Félix and the Light-hearted Gay Road Movie: Genre, Families, Fathers and the Decolonization of the Homosexual SelfPratt, M
2002-01Marketing theory in the next millenium: looking backwards and forwardsWilkinson, I; Young, LC
2008-03-15Electrochemical studies on LiFe<inf>1-x</inf>Co<inf>x</inf>PO<inf>4</inf>/carbon composite cathode materials synthesized by citrate gel technique for lithium-ion batteriesShanmukaraj, D; Wang, GX; Murugan, R; Liu, HK
2014-01-01Australia’s First Female Prime Minister and Gender PoliticsJoseph, SA
2019-01Development of antimicrobial composite coatings for drug release in dental, orthopaedic and neural prostheses applicationsMacha, IJ; Karacan, I; Ben-Nissan, B; Cazalbou, S; Müller, WH
2015-12-07Reforming ‘Sydney global city’: Mapping enduring sites of institutional conflictGrant, BJ; Ryan, R; Lawrie, A; Kriesler, P
2012-11-01All quiet on the Western front? Empirical evidence on the "War" between Marketing Managers and Sales ManagersMassey, GR
2013-07-08Self-compacting concrete incorporating steel and polypropylene fibers: Compressive and tensile strengths, moduli of elasticity and rupture, compressive stress-strain curve, and energy dissipated under compressionAslani, F; Nejadi, S
2016-01-01A game theoretic design of artificial-noise aided transmissions in MIMO wiretap interference networkSiyari, P; Krunz, M; Nguyen, DN
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