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1-Sep-2006Growth inhibition of Candida species and Aspergillus fumigatus by statinsMacreadie, IG; Johnson, G; Schlosser, T; Macreadie, PI
Jan-2013Achieving academic engagement: Supporting academics to embed first year transition pedagogies in the curriculumEgea, K; McKenzie, J; Griffiths, N
15-Feb-2015Functional translation of total RNA packaged in microparticles shed from multidrug resistant cancer cellsLu, JF; Pokharel, D; Luk, F; Bebawy, M
15-Feb-2007Pathogen detection: A perspective of traditional methods and biosensorsLazcka, O; Del Campo, FJ; Munoz, FX
19-Oct-2016Bushmeat hunting and extinction risk to the world’s mammalsRipple, WJ; Abernethy, K; Betts, MG; Chapron, G; Dirzo, R; Galetti, M; Levi, T; Lindsey, PA; Macdonald, DW; Machovina, B; Newsome, TM; Peres, CA; Wallach, AD; Wolf, C
1-Apr-2017The Exploitive Mating Strategy of the Dark Triad Traits: Tests of Rape-Enabling AttitudesJonason, PK; Girgis, M; Milne-Home, J
1-Nov-2006Requirement for the cell division protein DivIB in polar cell division and engulfment during sporulation in Bacillus subtilisThompson, LS; Beech, PL; Real, G; Henriques, AO; Harry, EJ
1-Mar-2019Incidence of eclampsia and related complications across 10 low-and middlere source geographical regions: Secondary analysis of a cluster randomised controlled trialVousden, N; Lawley, E; Seed, PT; Gidiri, MF; Goudar, S; Sandall, J; Chappell, LC; Shennan, AH
1-Jul-2019P doped MoS <inf>2</inf> nanoplates embedded in nitrogen doped carbon nanofibers as an efficient catalyst for hydrogen evolution reactionWu, W; Zhao, Y; Li, S; He, B; Liu, H; Zeng, X; Zhang, J; Wang, G
1-Dec-2018Microwave On-Chip Bandpass Filter Based on Hybrid Coupling TechniqueLi, M; Yang, Y; Xu, KD; Zhu, X; Wong, SW
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