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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-06Optimization of a Small Wind Turbine for a Rural Area: A Case Study of Deniliquin, New South Wales, AustraliaAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y; Braytee A
2020-04-18Modeling water flux in osmotic membrane bioreactor by adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system and artificial neural network.Hosseinzadeh A; Zhou JL; Altaee A; Baziar M; Li X
2020-05A facile and efficient approach to increase the magnetic property of MOF-5Arjmandi M; Altaee A; Arjmandi A; Chenar MP; Peyravi M; Jahanshahi M
2020-05Exploring the use of cheap natural raw materials to reduce the internal concentration polarization in thin-film composite forward osmosis membranesArjmandi A; Peyravi M; Arjmandi M; Altaee A
2020-05-25Organic Fouling in Forward Osmosis: A Comprehensive ReviewAltaee A
2020-05Process simulation of High pH reverse osmosis systems to facilitate reuse of coal seam gas associated WaterHirsimaki C; Outram JG; Millar GJ; Altaee A
2020-06-15A review of the key sensitive parameters on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal wind turbine using Computational Fluid Dynamics modellingAltaee A; Khlaifat N; Zhou J; Huang Y
2020-10Caspian seawater desalination and whey concentration through forward osmosis (FO)-reverse osmosis (RO) and FO-FO-RO hybrid systems: Experimental and theoretical studyArjmandi M; Pourafshari Chenar M; Altaee A; Arjmandi A; Peyravi M; Jahanshahi M; Binaeian E
2020-10Process design of coal seam gas associated water treatment plants to facilitate beneficial reuseVilayphone V; Outram JG; Collins F; Millar GJ; Altaee A
2020-07Treatment of biologically treated landfill leachate with forward osmosis: Investigating membrane performance and cleaning protocolsIbrar I; Yadav S; Altaee A; Samal AK; Zhou JL; Nguyen TV; Ganbat N
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