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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-07Building a social licence to operate for bioprocess facilities and associated land usesBaumber, A
2019-10-01Engaging absentee landholders in ecosystem service delivery in south-eastern AustraliaKam, H; Metternicht, G; Baumber, A; Cross, R
2019-01-01Learning together: a transdisciplinary approach to student–staff partnerships in higher educationBaumber, A; Kligyte, G; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Pratt, S
2018-08-31From Importing Innovations to Co-Producing Them: Transdisciplinary Approaches to the Development of Online Land Management ToolsBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Ampt, P; Cross, R; Berry, E
2019-09-05Incentivising the co-benefits of carbon farming through multifunctional auction schemesBaumber, A
2019-05-29"Stepping in and Stepping out”: Enabling Creative Third Spaces Through Transdisciplinary PartnershipsKligyte, G; Baumber, A; van der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Dowd, C; Hazell, N; Le Hunte, A; Newton, M; Roebuck, D; Pratt, S
2019Carbon Neutral Education: Reducing Carbon Footprint and Expanding Carbon BrainprintBaumber, A; Luetz, JM; Metternicht, G; Leal Filho, W; Azul, AM; Brandli, L; Özuyar, PG; Wall, T
2019-10-01Promoting co-benefits of carbon farming in Oceania: Applying and adapting approaches and metrics from existing market-based schemesBaumber, A; Metternicht, G; Cross, R; Ruoso, LE; Cowie, AL; Waters, C
2019-04-01Synergies between Land Degradation Neutrality goals and existing market-based instrumentsBaumber, A; Berry, E; Metternicht, G
2019-01-01'This country just hangs tight': Perspectives on managing land degradation and climate change in far west NSWBerry, E; Metternicht, G; Baumber, A
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