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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01The role of agreeableness trait and communal organisational culture in knowledge sharingBoateng, H; Agyemang, FG
2017-07-31Exploring knowledge creation and information sharing within the culturally situated world of Ghana’s traditional Kente communityBoateng, H; Narayan, B
2016-02-01Does personal innovativeness moderate the effect of irritation on consumers' attitudes towards mobile advertising?Boateng, H; Okoe, AF; Omane, AB
2018-12-15Scholarly Communication Practices in Humanities and Social Sciences: A Study of Researchers’ Attitudes and Awareness of Open AccessNarayan, B; Luca, E; Tiffen, B; England, A; Booth, M; Boateng, H
2014-01-01Customer knowledge management practices on a social media platform: A case study of MTN Ghana and Vodafone GhanaBoateng, H
2017-01-01Examining customers’ continuance intentions towards internet banking usageOfori, KS; Boateng, H; Okoe, AF; Gvozdanovic, I
2019-01-14Tacit knowledge transfer from a master to an apprentice among hairdressersAgyemang, FG; Boateng, H
2018-07-01Dark tourism: Exploring tourist's experience at the Cape Coast Castle, GhanaBoateng, H; Okoe, AF; Hinson, RE
2019-01-01Customers' perceived risk and trust in using mobile money services-an empirical study of GhanaAbdul-Hamid, IK; Shaikh, AA; Boateng, H; Hinson, RE
2018-08-13Examining customer engagement and brand loyalty in retail banking: The trustworthiness influenceKosiba, JPB; Boateng, H; Okoe Amartey, AF; Boakye, RO; Hinson, R
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