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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-04[Meditation in Deutschland: Eine national repräsentative Umfrage].Cramer H
2019Menopause and complementary and integrative medicine: A consideration of clinical evidence, grassroots use and contemporary clinical practice guidelinesPeng W; Sibbritt D; Steel A; Cramer H; Adams J
2019Women, ageing and complementary and integrative medicineHarnett J; Cramer H; Rickwood C
2020-05Conventional and Complementary Healthcare Utilization Among US Adults With Cardiovascular Disease or Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Nationally Representative Survey.Kohl WK; Dobos G; Cramer H
2020Craniosacral therapy for chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.Haller H; Lauche R; Sundberg T; Dobos G; Cramer H
2020-08-05Comparative efficacy of different exercise interventions in chronic non-specific low back pain: protocol of a systematic review and network meta-analysis.Anheyer D; Klose P; Koch AK; Haller H; Dobos G; Cramer H
2020-06-01Editorial: 2020 update to information for authorsKemper KJ; Cramer H; Chung VCH; Yen HR
2020-05-18Mind and Body: Italian Validation of the Postural Awareness ScaleTopino E; Gori A; Cramer H
2020-03Perceived stress mediates the effect of yoga on quality of life and disease activity in ulcerative colitis. Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.Koch AK; Schöls M; Langhorst J; Dobos G; Cramer H
2020-06Prevalence and predictors of mind-body medicine use among women diagnosed with gynecological cancer: Findings from the 2017 US National Health Interview Survey.Wong CHL; Sundberg T; Chung VCH; Voiss P; Cramer H
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