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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2011Dynamic performance of timber-concrete composite flooring systemsRijal, R; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Fragomeni, S; Venkatesan, S; Lam, NTK; Setunge, S
Jan-2006Damage Localisation and Severity Evaluation of a Beam-like timber Structure based on modal strain energy and flexibility approachesLi, J; Choi, F; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Forde, M
Jan-2008An overview of the development of on-site assessment for timber structures in AustraliaCrews, KI; Binda, L; di Prisco, M; Felicetti, R
Jan-2011State of the art on Timber Concrete Composite floorMoshiri, F; Gerber, C; Crews, KI; Joe Wyche
Jan-2011Capacity of Compression Members in RTA Timber Truss BridgesNicholas, A; Crews, KI; Ariyaratne, W; Ponnampalam, V; Ancich, E; Madrio, H
Jan-2011Damage Severity Assessment of Timber Bridges using Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)Dackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Choi, F; Crews, KI; Saporiti Machado, J; Palma, P; Lourenà o, PB
Jan-2008Understanding the composite characteristics of stressed-skin panelsGerber, C; Crews, KI; Sigrist, C; Arima; T; al, E
Jan-2010Development of Design Procedures for Timber Concrete Composite Floors in Australia and New Zealand - Part 2: Connection CharacterisationCrews, KI; Gerber, C; Shrestha, R; Technical Committee
Jan-2003Determining Individual Member Stiffness of Bridge Structure Using a Simple Dynamic ProcedureLi, J; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Mathew, PJ
Jan-2008A numerical approach for assessing the behaviours of timber stressed panelsGerber, C; Crews, KI; Sigrist, C; Samali, B; Gad, E; Wong, B
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