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2020-05A randomized, double-blind, crossover, dose ranging study to determine the optimal dose of oral opioid to treat breakthrough pain for patients with advanced cancer already established on regular opioids.Currow DC; Clark K; Louw S; Fazekas B; Greene A; Sanderson CR
2020A perfect storm: fear of litigation for end of life care.Mitchell GK; Willmott L; White BP; Piper D; Currow DC; Yates PM
2020-01Assessing quality of life in palliative care settings: head-to-head comparison of four patient-reported outcome measures (EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL, FACT-Pal, FACT-Pal-14, FACT-G7).King MT; Agar M; Currow DC; Hardy J; Fazekas B; McCaffrey N
2020Breathlessness, Anxiety, Depression, and Function-The BAD-F Study: A Cross-Sectional and Population Prevalence Study in Adults.Currow DC; Chang S; Reddel HK; Kochovska S; Ferreira D; Kinchin I; Johnson M; Ekström M
2020-06-30Capture of systemic anticancer medicines in Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) data likely higher than previously reported - Authors' reply.Creighton N; Torvonen HE; Zhao GW; Currow DC
2020Clinical impact of data feedback at lung cancer multidisciplinary team meetings: A mixed methods study.Stone E; Rankin NM; Vinod SK; Nagarajah M; Donnelly C; Currow DC; Fong KM; Phillips JL; Shaw T
2020-03-10Capture of systemic anticancer therapy use by routinely collected health datasets.Tervonen HE; Creighton N; Zhao GW; Ng M; Currow DC
2020-06-28Development of a core outcome set to use in the research and assessment of malignant bowel obstruction: protocol for the RAMBO study.Baddeley E; Bravington A; Johnson M; Currow DC; Murtagh FE; Boland E; Obita G; Nelson A; Seddon K; Oliver A; Noble S; Boland J
2020-04Breathlessness and opioid prescribing in COPD in general practice: a cross-sectional, observational study.Currow DC; Johnson MJ; Pollack A; Ferreira DH; Kochovska S; Ekström M; Harrison C
2020-08Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment Does Not Affect the Ability to Self-Report Important Symptoms in Patients With Cancer: A Prospective Longitudinal Multinational Study (EPCCS).Ekström MP; Palmqvist S; Currow DC; Sjøgren P; Kurita GP; Jakobsen G; Kaasa S; Hjermstad M
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