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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-04-01Competing for the disability tourism market - A comparative exploration of the factors of accessible tourism competitiveness in Spain and AustraliaDomínguez Vila, T; Darcy, S; Alén González, E
2017-05-19I’ve got a mobile phone too! Hard and soft assistive technology customization and supportive call centres for people with disabilityDarcy, S; Green, J; Maxwell, H
2017-01-01Accessibility as a key management component of the paralympicsDarcy, S
2016-09-09Inclusive by design: transformative services and sport-event accessibilityDickson, TJ; Darcy, S; Johns, R; Pentifallo, C
2016-04-20Disability citizenship and independence through mobile technology? A study exploring adoption and use of a mobile technology platformDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Green, J
2018-11-15Consuming our national parks: Cultural heritage in a consumer cultureWearing, S; Schweinsberg, S; Darcy, S
2014-01-01More than a sport and volunteer organisation: Investigating social capital development in a sporting organisationDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Edwards, M; Onyx, J; Sherker, S
2019-03-21Disability citizenship and digital capital: the case of engagement with a social enterprise telcoDarcy, S; Yerbury, H; Maxwell, H
2019-01-01Artistic Impact: From Casual and Serious Leisure to Professional Career Development in Disability ArtsDarcy, S; Maxwell, H; Grabowski, S; Onyx, J
2017-10-01The agenda setting power of news media in framing the future role of tourism in protected areasSchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S; Cheng, M
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