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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01From climate change to economic change? Reflections on ‘feedback’Goodman, J; Anderson, J
2020-06-22Three worlds of climate imperialism: prospects for climate justiceGoodman, J; Goodman, J
2019-08-21Counting the Uncounted: Contestations over casualisation data in Australian UniversitiesDados, N; Goodman, J; Yasukawa, K; Evans, J; Ruane, S; Southall, H
2020-07-10Towards new agendas for transformative global studiesGoodman, J; Hosseini, H; Motta, S; Gills, B; Hosseini, H; Motta, S; Gils, B
2021-01-20How to leverage the role of social capital in pro-environmental behavior: A case study of residents’ express waste recycling behavior in ChinaHua, Y; Dong, F; Goodman, J
2019-04-02Global Studies: Contested Fields, One Domain?Goodman, J; Hudson, C; Wilson, E
2021Crises of Capital and Climate: Three Contradictions and Prospects for ContestationGoodman, J; Anderson, J; Goodman, J; Hosseini, H; Motta, S; Gills, B
2021Towards new agendas for transformative global studies: an introductionGoodman, J; Hosseini, H; Motta, S; Gills, B; Hosseini, H; Goodman, J; Motta, S; Gills, B
2020-11-01Scholarly Teaching Fellows as a new category of employment in Australian universities: impacts and prospects for teaching and learning'Goodman, J; Broadbent, K; Brown, T; Dados, N; Junor, A; Strachan, G; Yasukawa, K
2020-01-01Breaking the Treadmill? Climate Change Policy Networks and the Prospects for Low Carbon Futures in Australia and FinlandYlä-Anttila, T; Gronow, A; Karimo, A; Goodman, J; da Rimini, F
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