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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-08-01Cnnloc: Deep-learning based indoor localization with wifi fingerprintingSong X; Fan X; He X; Xiang C; Ye Q; Huang X; Fang G; Chen LL; Qin J; Wang Z
2020-01-01Structural correlation filters combined with a Gaussian particle filter for hierarchical visual trackingDai M; Xiao G; Cheng S; Wang D; He X
2016-10-01A study of mechanical peeling behavior in a junction assembled by two individual carbon nanotubesSui C; Luo Q; He X; Tong L; Zhang K; Zhang Y; Zhang Y; Wu J; Wang C
2014-01-01Mechanical characteristics of individual multi-layer graphene-oxide sheets under direct tensile loadingWang C; Peng Q; Wu J; He X; Tong L; Luo Q; Li J; Moody S; Liu H; Wang R; Du S; Li Y
2015-04-06Tensile failure mechanisms of individual junctions assembled by two carbon nanotubesWang C; He X; Tong L; Luo Q; Li Y; Song Q; Lv X; Shang Y; Peng Q; Li J
2019-09ReELFA: A Scene Text Recognizer with Encoded Location and Focused AttentionWang Q; Jia W; He X; Lu Y; Blumenstein M; Huang Y; Lyu S
2020-08-01Security, Trust and Privacy in Cyber (STPCyber): Future trends and challengesNanda P; He X; Yang LT
2020-08-01Vehicular networks with security and trust management solutions: proposed secured message exchange via blockchain technologyMalik N; Nanda P; He X; Liu RP
2020-09-03Deep learning for intelligent traffic sensing and prediction: recent advances and future challengesNanda P; Fan X; He X
2020-07-01Scale-Aware Rolling Fusion Network for Crowd CountingChen Y; Gao C; Su Z; He X; Liu N
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