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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Primary health care content in Australian undergraduate nursing curriculaMurray-Parahi, P; DiGiacomo, M; Jackson, D; Phillips, J; Davidson, P
2020-12-22Clinical quality registries: An approach to support research capacity building in clinical academic partnerships.Wynne, R; Jackson, D; Prince, J; O'Regan, A; Kirk, A; Ferguson, C
2019-11-01Compassion fatigue in critical care nurses. An integrative review of the literatureAlharbi, J; Jackson, D; Usher, K
2020-02-06Use of focus group data from countries with linguistic differences: translation, analysis and presentation.Alzyood, M; Jackson, D; Aveyard, H; Brooke, J
2014-03-01Deriving consensus on the characteristics of advanced practice nursing: Meta-summary of more than 2 decades of researchHutchinson, M; East, L; Stasa, H; Jackson, D
2019-06-01Rewriting stories of trauma through peer-to-peer mentoring for and by at-risk young peopleDouglas, LJ; Jackson, D; Woods, C; Usher, K
2019-09-03Investigating the processes used to develop and evaluate the effectiveness of health education resources for adult Indigenous people: A literature review<sup>†</sup>Peake, RM; Jackson, D; Lea, J; Usher, K
2019-09-16Erratum: A focused mapping review and synthesis of current practice in qualitative end of life research with the bereaved (Nurse researcher (2019))Joanne McCallum, K; Jackson, D; Walthall, H; Aveyard, H
2016-11-01Contemporary public perceptions of nursing: a systematic review and narrative synthesis of the international research evidenceGirvin, J; Jackson, D; Hutchinson, M
2019-04-01Does compassion matter in custodial care?Ramluggun, P; Nathoo, S; Jackson, D; Usher, K
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