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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-07-16How to Characterize Chemical Exposure to Predict Ecologic Effects on Aquatic Communities?Schaefer, RB; Gerner, N; Kefford, BJ; Rasmussen, JJ; Beketov, MA; de Zwart, D; Liess, M; von der Ohe, PC
2011-05Size of anal papillae in chironomids: Does it indicate their salinity stress?Kefford, BJ; Reddy-Lopata, K; Clay, C; Hagen, T; Parkanyi, O; Nugegoda, D
2006-08Validating species sensitivity distributions using salinity tolerance of riverine macroinvertebrates in the southern Murray-Darling Basin (Victoria, Australia)Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D; Metzeling, L; Fields, EJ
2001-03A single measure of salinity: Is this representative of a river's past salinity?Kefford, BJ
2009-03Effects of different ionic compositions on survival and growth of Physa acutaZalizniak, L; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D
2005-10What is meant by "95% of species"? An argument for the inclusion of rapid tolerance testingKefford, BJ; Palmer, CG; Warne, MS; Nugegoda, DT
2004-04The salinity tolerance of eggs and hatchlings of selected aquatic macroinvertebrates in south-east Australia and South AfricaKefford, BJ; Dalton, A; Palmer, CG; Nugegoda, D
2005Relative salinity tolerance of freshwater macroinvertebrates from the south-east Eastern Cape, South Africa compared with the Barwon Catchment, Victoria, AustraliaKefford, BJ; Palmer, CG; Nugegoda, D
2006-06Growth of the damselfly Ischnura heterosticta is better in saline water than freshwaterKefford, BJ; Zalizniak, L; Nugegoda, D
2006-10-15Sub-lethal and chronic salinity tolerances of three freshwater insects: Cloeon sp and Centroptilum sp (Ephemeroptera : Baetidae) and Chironomus sp (Diptera : Chironomidae)Hassell, KL; Kefford, BJ; Nugegoda, D
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