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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Enhancing accuracy of mental fatigue classification using advanced computational intelligence in an electroencephalography systemChai, R; Tran, Y; Craig, A; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
14-Dec-2012Mental task classifications using prefrontal cortex electroencephalograph signalsChai, R; Ling, SH; Hunter, GP; Nguyen, HT
14-Dec-2012Intelligent detection of hypoglycemic episodes in children with type 1 diabetes using adaptive neural-fuzzy inference systemSan, PP; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
14-Dec-2012Toward fewer EEG channels and better feature extractor of non-motor imagery mental tasks classification for a wheelchair thought controllerChai, R; Ling, SH; Hunter, GP; Nguyen, HT
2016Efficient diagnosis system for Parkinson's disease using deep belief networkAl-Fatlawi, AH; Jabardi, MH; Ling, SH
1-Dec-2012Optimized variable translation wavelet neural network and its application in hypoglycemia detection systemSan, PP; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
22-Aug-2012Predicting protein-ligand binding site with differential evolution and support vector machineWong, GY; Leung, FHF; Ling, SH
4-Oct-2012A hypoglycemic episode diagnosis system based on neural networks for type 1 diabetes mellitusChan, KY; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT; Jiang, F
23-Oct-2012Hybrid particle swarm - Based fuzzy support vector machine for hypoglycemia detectionNuryani, N; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
1-Jan-2013Hypoglycaemia detection using fuzzy inference system with multi-objective double wavelet mutation Differential EvolutionLai, JCY; Leung, FHF; Ling, SH; Nguyen, HT
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