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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Noisy Data Elimination Using Mutual K-Nearest Neighbor For Classification MiningLiu, H; Zhang, S
2016-01-26Scalable production of a Few-Layer MoS<inf>2</inf>/WS2 vertical heterojunction array and its application for photodetectorsXue, Y; Zhang, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, H; Song, J; Sophia, J; Liu, J; Xu, Z; Xu, Q; Wang, Z; Zheng, J; Li, S; Bao, Q
2015-09-20Antimony-Carbon-Graphene Fibrous Composite as Freestanding Anode Materials for Sodium-ion BatteriesLi, K; Su, D; Liu, H; Wang, G
2010-11-01Pt<inf>1-x</inf>Co<inf>x</inf> nanoparticles as cathode catalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells with enhanced catalytic activityWu, H; Wexler, D; Liu, H; Savadogo, O; Ahn, J; Wang, G
2017-01-01Fe<inf>3</inf>C@nitrogen doped CNT arrays aligned on nitrogen functionalized carbon nanofibers as highly efficient catalysts for the oxygen evolution reactionZhao, Y; Zhang, J; Guo, X; Fan, H; Wu, W; Liu, H; Wang, G
2015-07-01Mesoporous Carbon Nanocube Architecture for High-Performance Lithium-Oxygen BatteriesSun, B; Chen, S; Liu, H; Wang, G
2006-10-01Doping effects of zinc on LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteriesLiu, H; Cao, Q; Fu, LJ; Li, C; Wu, YP; Wu, HQ
2015-11-01Mining top K spread sources for a specific topic and a given nodeLiu, W; Deng, ZH; Cao, L; Xu, X; Liu, H; Gong, X
2017-01-01CoS nanosheet arrays grown on nickel foam as an excellent OER catalystGuo, P; Wu, YX; Lau, WM; Liu, H; Liu, LM
2013-12-09Ordered mesoporous core/shell SnO<inf>2</inf>/C nanocomposite as high-capacity anode material for lithium-ion batteriesLiu, H; Chen, S; Wang, G; Qiao, SZ
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