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20-Dec-2007Fluorescent TiO<inf>2</inf> powders prepared using a new perylene diimide dye: Applications in latent fingermark detectionChoi, MJ; Smoother, T; Martin, AA; McDonagh, AM; Maynard, PJ; Lennard, C; Roux, C
6-Aug-2008Metal-containing nanoparticles and nano-structured particles in fingermark detectionChoi, MJ; McDonagh, AM; Maynard, P; Roux, C
1-Sep-2006Preparation and evaluation of metal nanopowders for the detection of fingermarks on nonporous surfacesChoi, MJ; McDonagh, AM; Maynard, PJ; Wuhrer, R; Lennard, C; Roux, C
19-Feb-2018From Lead(II) Dithiocarbamate Precursors to a Fast Response PbS Positive Temperature Coefficient ThermistorAngeloski, A; Gentle, AR; Scott, JA; Cortie, MB; Hook, JM; Westerhausen, MT; Bhadbhade, M; Baker, AT; McDonagh, AM
21-May-2011Enhancement of latent fingermarks on non-porous surfaces using anti-l-amino acid antibodies conjugated to gold nanoparticlesSpindler, X; Hofstetter, O; McDonagh, AM; Roux, C; Lennard, C
1-Jan-2018Photomechanical photochromism in a cetyltrimethylammonium isopolytungstateColusso, AV; McDonagh, AM; Gentle, A; Cortie, MB
18-Aug-2015A straightforward route to tetrachloroauric acid from gold metal and molecular chlorine for nanoparticle synthesisKing, SR; Massicot, J; McDonagh, AM
29-Jan-2018Nature of magnetism in thiol-capped gold nanoparticles investigated with Muon spin rotationDehn, MH; Arseneau, DJ; Buck, T; Cortie, DL; Fleming, DG; King, SR; MacFarlane, WA; McDonagh, AM; McFadden, RML; Mitchell, DRG; Kiefl, RF
1-Jan-2017Thermal stability of mesoscopic compounds of cetyltrimethylammonium and Keggin metatungstatesColusso, AC; Cortie, MB; Dowd, A; McDonagh, AM
30-May-2013On the coalescence of nanoparticulate gold sinter inkCortie, MB; Coutts, MJ; Ton-That, C; Dowd, A; Keast, VJ; McDonagh, AM
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