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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004-01-01Approaches to the Academic Preparation and Support of Australian Indigenous Students for Tertiary StudiesNakata, M; Nakata, V; Chin, M
2009-04-29T02:08:22ZAustralian Indigenous Knowledge and LibrariesNakata, M; Langton, M
2008-12-22T06:47:45ZAustralian Indigenous Collections: First generation issuesByrne, A; Gibson, J; Gardiner, G; McKeough, J; Nakata, M; Nakata, V
2019-12-01Indigenous Undergraduates' Use of Supplementary Tutors: Developing Academic Capabilities for Success in Higher Education StudiesNakata, M; Nakata, V; Day, A; Martin, G; Peachey, M
2008-01-01Indigenous digital collections: An early look at the organisation and culture interfaceNakata, M; Nakata, V; Gardiner, G; McKeough, J; Byrne, A; Gibson, J
2008-02Symptoms of trauma, perceptions of discrimination, and anger: a comparison between Australian indigenous and nonindigenous prisoners.Day, A; Davey, L; Wanganeen, R; Casey, S; Howells, K; Nakata, M
2015-05-04Indigenous students' persistence in higher education in Australia: contextualising models of change from psychology to understand and aid students' practices at a cultural interfaceDay, A; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Martin, G
2017-07-03Promoting the persistence of Indigenous students through teaching at the Cultural InterfaceMartin, G; Nakata, V; Nakata, M; Day, A
2006-10-01The meaning of anger for Australian indigenous offenders - The significance of contextDay, A; Davey, L; Wanganeen, R; Howells, K; DeSantolo, J; Nakata, M
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