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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-04-20How Do High School Students Create Knowledge About Improving and Changing Their School? A Student Voice Co-Inquiry Using Digital TechnologiesHunter, JL; O'Brien, L
2007-12-01Shattered dreams: Parental experiences of adolescent substance abuse: Feature ArticleUsher, K; Jackson, D; O'Brien, L
2010-07-01Disrupted sense of self: Young women and sexually transmitted infectionsEast, L; Jackson, D; Peters, K; O'Brien, L
2011-08-01Healthcare experiences of women who have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infectionEast, L; Jackson, D; O'Brien, L; Peters, K
2009-08-01Living with hepatitis C and treatment: The personal experiences of patientsSgorbini, M; O'Brien, L; Jackson, D
2015-12-21Healthy Living after Cancer: A dissemination and implementation study evaluating a telephone-delivered healthy lifestyle program for cancer survivorsEakin, EG; Hayes, SC; Haas, MR; Reeves, MM; Vardy, JL; Boyle, F; Hiller, JE; Mishra, GD; Goode, AD; Jefford, M; Koczwara, B; Saunders, CM; Demark-Wahnefried, W; Courneya, KS; Schmitz, KH; Girgis, A; White, K; Chapman, K; Boltong, AG; Lane, K; McKiernan, S; Millar, L; O'Brien, L; Sharplin, G; Baldwin, P; Robson, EL
2012-01-01Stigma and stereotypes: Women and sexually transmitted infectionsEast, L; Jackson, D; O'Brien, L; Peters, K
2006-01-01Positioning mentorship within Australian nursing contexts: a literature review.McCloughen, A; O'Brien, L; Jackson, D
2010-05Care of acutely ill older patients in hospital: clinical decision-making.Milton-Wildey, K; O'Brien, L
2006-12-01Father absence and adolescent development: A review of the literatureEast, L; Jackson, D; O'Brien, L
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