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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-01A collaborative change detection approach on multi-sensor spatial imagery for desertwetland monitoring after a flash flood in Southern MoroccoHakdaoui, S; Emran, A; Pradhan, B; Lee, CW; Fils, SCN
2018-12Review of studies on hydrological modelling in MalaysiaAbdulkareem, JH; Pradhan, B; Sulaiman, WNA; Jamil, NR
2019-03-02Urban Mapping Accuracy Enhancement in High-Rise Built-Up Areas Deployed by 3D-Orthorectification Correction from WorldView-3 and LiDAR ImageriesRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B
2017-05-01Integration of Ant Colony Optimization and Object-Based Analysis for LiDAR Data ClassificationSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Mezaal, MR; Hamid, HB
2019-08-01Spatio-temporal and demographic distribution of lightning related casualties in northeastern part of BangladeshAl-Amin Hoque, M; Billah, MM; Pradhan, B
2017-05-08Urban expansion and change detection analysisPradhan, B; Abdullahi, S
2019-11-20Tropical cyclone risk assessment using geospatial techniques for the eastern coastal region of BangladeshHoque, MAA; Pradhan, B; Ahmed, N; Roy, S
2019-10-20Novel ensembles of COPRAS multi-criteria decision-making with logistic regression, boosted regression tree, and random forest for spatial prediction of gully erosion susceptibilityArabameri, A; Yamani, M; Pradhan, B; Melesse, A; Shirani, K; Tien Bui, D
2017-06-01Landslide vulnerability and risk assessment for multi-hazard scenarios using airborne laser scanning data (LiDAR)Abdulwahid, WM; Pradhan, B
2018-01-01Systems and sensors in geoscience applicationsPradhan, B; Jung, HS; Beydoun, G
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