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Jan-2007Characterization Of Salmonella Typhimurium Yegs, A Putative Lipid Kinase Homologous To Eukaryotic Sphingosine And Diacylglycerol KinasesNichols, C; Lamb, H; Lockyer, M; Charles, IG; Pyne, SG; Hawkins, A; Stammers, D
1-Oct-2004Phytochemical studies on Stemona burkillii prain: Two new dihydrostemofoline alkaloidsMungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Jatisatienr, A; Lie, W; Ung, AT; Issakul, K; Sawatwanich, A; Supyen, D; Jatisatienr, C
18-Jun-2007Synthesis of novel 3′-spirocyclic-oxindole derivatives and assessment of their cytostatic activitiesYong, SR; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG; Skelton, BW; White, AH
25-Mar-2013Synthesis and inhibitory activities at mGluRs of 3-alkylated and N-alkylated cyclopentyl-glutamate analoguesUng, AT; Pyne, SG; Bischoff, F; Lesage, ASJ; Skelton, BW; White, AH
20-Aug-2009Stemofoline ethyl acetate solvateMungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Jatisatienr, A; Willis, AC
1-Jul-2003Stemocurtisine, the first pyrido[1,2-a]azapine Stemona alkaloidMungkornasawakul, P; Pyne, SG; Jatisatienr, A; Supyen, D; Lie, W; Ung, AT; Skelton, BW; White, AH
14-Feb-2005Synthesis and antagonist activities of 4-aryl-substituted conformationally restricted cyclopentenyl and cyclopentanyl-glutamate analoguesUng, AT; Pyne, SG; Batenburg-Nguyen, U; Davis, AS; Sherif, A; Bischoff, F; Lesage, ASJ
1-Feb-2009Structural revision of Stemoburkilline from an E-alkene to a Z-alkeneSastraruji, K; Pyne, SG; Ung, AT; Mungkornasawakul, P; Lie, W; Jatisatienr, A
1-Aug-2009The synthesis of carbon-linked bisbenzylisoquinolines via ruthenium-mediated olefin-metathesisMbere-Nguyen, U; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG
Jan-2005Confirmation of the structure of oxystemokerrin by single crystal x-ray structural analysis and a proposed biosynthesisMungkornasawakul, P; Matthews, H; Ung, AT; Pyne, SG; Jatisatienr, A; Lie, W; Skelton, BW; White, AH
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