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7-Apr-2015Intermixed adatom and surface-bound adsorbates in regular self-assembled monolayers of racemic 2-butanethiol on Au(111)Ouyang, R; Yan, J; Jensen, PS; Ascic, E; Gan, S; Tanner, D; Mao, B; Niu, L; Zhang, J; Tang, C; Hush, NS; Reimers, JR; Ulstrup, J
15-Feb-2008Construction of building blocks for extended porphyrin arrays by nitration of porphyrin-2,3-diones and quinoxalino[2,3-b]porphyrinsCrossley, MJ; Sheehan, CS; Khoury, T; Reimers, JR; Sintic, PJ
16-Jun-2009Polymeric di- and discrete trinuclear silver(I) assemblies incorporating γ-carbon bonded, neutral acetylacetone-imine motifs assembled from racemic and diastereopure N,N′-bis(acetylacetone)cyclohexanediimine unitsZhu, BX; Zhang, QL; Zhang, YQ; Tao, Z; Clegg, JK; Reimers, JR; Lindoy, LF; Wei, G
20-Mar-2008The conduction properties of α,ω-diaminoalkanes and hydrazine bridging gold electrodesWohlthat, S; Pauly, F; Reimers, JR
10-Sep-2009Norbornadiene-based molecules for functionalizing the Si(001) surfaceSaraire, SA; Smith, PV; King, BV; Reimers, JR; Wallace, BJ; Crossley, MJ
26-May-2010Accurate and computationally efficient third-nearest-neighbor tight-binding model for large graphene fragmentsWohlthat, S; Reimers, JR; Hush, NS
13-Aug-2009Penrose-Hameroff orchestrated objective-reduction proposal for human consciousness is not biologically feasibleMcKemmish, LK; Reimers, JR; McKenzie, RH; Mark, AE; Hush, NS
20-Jan-2011Atomic-resolution kinked structure of an alkylporphyrin on highly ordered pyrolytic graphiteChin, Y; Panduwinata, D; Sintic, M; Sum, TJ; Hush, NS; Crossley, MJ; Reimers, JR
8-Dec-2009N-silylamine junctions for molecular wires to gold: The effect of binding atom hybridization on the electronic transmissionWohlthat, S; Kirchner, T; Reimers, JR
1-Jan-2012Toward ab initio refinement of protein X-ray crystal structures: Interpreting and correlating structural fluctuationsFalklöf, O; Collyer, CA; Reimers, JR
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