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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-16Modeling of CO emissions from traffic vehicles using artificial neural networksAzeez, OS; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Shukla, N; Lee, CW; Rizeei, HM
2018-11-01Assessment of groundwater nitrate contamination hazard in a semi-arid region by using integrated parametric IPNOA and data-driven logistic regression modelsRizeei, HM; Azeez, OS; Pradhan, B; Khamees, HH
2019-03-02Urban Mapping Accuracy Enhancement in High-Rise Built-Up Areas Deployed by 3D-Orthorectification Correction from WorldView-3 and LiDAR ImageriesRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B
2019-08-01Allocation of emergency response centres in response to pluvial flooding-prone demand points using integrated multiple layer perceptron and maximum coverage location problem modelsRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
2019An integrated fluvial and flash pluvial model using 2D high-resolution sub-grid and particle swarm optimization-based random forest approaches in GISRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
2018-08-01Extraction and accuracy assessment of DTMs derived from remotely sensed and field surveying approaches in GIS frameworkRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B
2018-01-01Oil palm counting and age estimation from WorldView-3 imagery and LiDAR data using an integrated OBIA height model and regression analysisRizeei, HM; Shafri, HZM; Mohamoud, MA; Pradhan, B; Kalantar, B
2019-01-01Air quality index prediction using IDW geostatistical technique and OLS-based GIS technique in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaJumaah, HJ; Ameen, MH; Kalantar, B; Rizeei, HM; Jumaah, SJ
2019-01-01Surface runoff estimation and prediction regarding LULC and climate dynamics using coupled LTM, optimized arima and distributed-GIS-based SCS-CN models at tropical regionRizeei, HM; Pradhan, B; Saharkhiz, MA
2018-07-01Improving landslide detection from airborne laser scanning data using optimized Dempster-ShaferMezaal, MR; Pradhan, B; Rizeei, HM
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