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14-Apr-2009Cumulative exposure to lead in relation to cognitive function in older womenWeuve, J; Korrick, SA; Weisskopf, MA; Ryan, LM; Schwartz, J; Nie, H; Grodstein, F; Hu, H
1-Dec-2001Crossed random effect models for multiple outcomes in a study of teratogenesisCoull, BA; Hobert, JP; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
1-Jan-2009Combining individual- and group-level exposure information: Child carbon monoxide in the guatemala woodstove randomized control trialMcCracken, JP; Schwartz, J; Bruce, N; Mittleman, M; Ryan, LM; Smith, KR
1-Dec-2007Penalized item response theory models: Application to epigenetic alterations in bladder cancerHouseman, EA; Marsit, C; Karagas, M; Ryan, LM
1-Jan-2009Effects of retinoic acid on Dominant hemimelia expression in miceOwen, MH; Ryan, LM; Holmes, LB
1-Mar-2000Transitional Regression Models, with Application to Environmental Time SeriesBrumback, BA; Ryan, LM; Schwartz, JD; Neas, LM; Stark, PC; Burge, HA
1-Dec-1998Using Historical Controls to Adjust for Covariates in Trend Tests for Binary DataIbrahim, JG; Ryan, LM; Chen, MH
1-Jan-2001Synthesis of evidence from epidemiological studies with interval-censored exposure due to groupingCook, RJ; Brumback, BB; Wigg, MB; Ryan, LM
1-Jan-1999Sperm aneuploidy among Chinese pesticide factory workers: Scoring by the FISH methodPadungtod, C; Hassold, TJ; Millie, E; Ryan, LM; Savitz, DA; Christiani, DC; Xu, X
19-Aug-1999Paraoxonase polymorphism and its effect on male reproductive outcomes among Chinese pesticide factory workersPadungtod, C; Niu, T; Wang, Z; Savitz, DA; Christiani, DC; Ryan, LM; Xu, X
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