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2017-05-01Integration of Ant Colony Optimization and Object-Based Analysis for LiDAR Data ClassificationSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Mezaal, MR; Hamid, HB
2020-04-01Systematic sample subdividing strategy for training landslide susceptibility modelsSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Bui, DT; Alamri, AM
2018-01-01Classification of very high resolution aerial photos using spectral-spatial convolutional neural networksSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Aziz, OS
2017-01-01A Two-Stage Optimization Strategy for Fuzzy Object-Based Analysis Using Airborne LiDAR and High-Resolution Orthophotos for Urban Road ExtractionSameen, MI; Pradhan, B
2018-02-15Modeling landslide susceptibility in data-scarce environments using optimized data mining and statistical methodsLee, JH; Sameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Park, HJ
2019-07-01Self-Learning Random Forests Model for Mapping Groundwater Yield in Data-Scarce AreasSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
2019-01-01Land use and land cover mapping using rule-based classification in Karbala City, IraqAhmed, AA; Kalantar, B; Pradhan, B; Mansor, S; Sameen, MI
2020-03-01Application of convolutional neural networks featuring Bayesian optimization for landslide susceptibility assessmentSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
2017-05-04Effects of the spatial resolution of digital elevation models and their products on landslide susceptibility mappingPradhan, B; Sameen, MI
2017-05-04Landslide susceptibility modeling: Optimization and factor effect analysisPradhan, B; Sameen, MI
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