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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Comparative investigation on nanomechanical properties of hardened cement pasteLi, W; Kawashima, S; Xiao, J; Corr, DJ; Shi, C; Shah, SP
1-Jan-2015Experimental investigation on quantitative nanomechanical properties of cement pasteLi, W; Xiao, J; Kawashima, S; Shekhawat, GS; Shah, SP
1-Jan-2013Numerical modeling on the stress-strain response and fracture of modeled recycled aggregate concreteLi, W; Xiao, J; Corr, DJ; Shah, SP
4-Mar-2019Current progress on nanotechnology application in recycled aggregate concreteLuo, Z; Li, W; Tam, VWY; Xiao, J; Shah, SP
1-Apr-2017Effects of graphene oxide on early-age hydration and electrical resistivity of Portland cement pasteLi, W; Li, X; Chen, SJ; Liu, YM; Duan, WH; Shah, SP
25-Jul-2015Effects of nano-silica and nano-limestone on flowability and mechanical properties of ultra-high-performance concrete matrixLi, W; Huang, Z; Cao, F; Sun, Z; Shah, SP
1-Oct-2012Interfacial transition zones in recycled aggregate concrete with different mixing approachesLi, W; Xiao, J; Sun, Z; Kawashima, S; Shah, SP
1-Mar-2013Properties of interfacial transition zones in recycled aggregate concrete tested by nanoindentationXiao, J; Li, W; Sun, Z; Lange, DA; Shah, SP
1-Nov-2017Effects of the hydration reactivity of ultrafine magnesium oxide on cement-based materialsHou, P; Cai, Y; Cheng, X; Zhang, X; Zhou, Z; Ye, Z; Zhang, L; Li, W; Shah, SP
5-Jul-2013Simulation study on the stress distribution in modeled recycled aggregate concrete under uniaxial compressionXiao, J; Li, W; Corr, DJ; Shah, SP
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