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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Menopause and complementary and integrative medicine: A consideration of clinical evidence, grassroots use and contemporary clinical practice guidelinesPeng W; Sibbritt D; Steel A; Cramer H; Adams J
2020-08-01Complementary medicine practitioner consultations amongst 1,314 individuals with chronic conditions: Characteristics of users, reasons for and predictors of useFoley H; Steel A; McIntyre E; Harnett J; Sibbritt D; Wardle J; Adams J
2020Frequency and variety of usual intakes of healthy foods, fruit, and vegetables predicts lower 6-year weight gain in young women.Aljadani HM; Patterson A; Sibbritt D; Taylor RM; Collins CE
2020-01-21Introducing national osteopathy practice-based research networks in Australia and New Zealand: an overview to inform future osteopathic research.Steel A; Peng W; Sibbritt D; Adams J
2020-03-18The health care utilization and out-of-pocket expenditure associated with asthma amongst a sample of Australian women aged over 45 years: analysis from the '45 and up' study.Adams J; Steel A; Frawley J; Leach M; McIntyre E; Broom A; Sibbritt D
2020-07Massage therapy utilisation by Australian women: Prevalence and determinants.Ladanyi S; Adams J; Sibbritt D
2020-07-18Investigation into the diets and nutritional knowledge of young men with depression: The MENDDS survey.Bayes J; Schloss J; Sibbritt D
2020-06Risk Factors for Developing Comorbid Sleeping Problems: Results of a Survey of 1,925 Women Over 50 With a Chronic Health Condition.Meredith S; Frawley J; Sibbritt D; Adams J
2020-01The features and burden of headaches within a chiropractic clinical population: A cross-sectional analysis.Moore C; Leaver A; Sibbritt D; Adams J
2020-01-01Erratum to “The features and burden of headaches within a chiropractic clinical population: A cross-sectional analysis” (Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2020) 48, (S0965229919315523), (10.1016/j.ctim.2019.102276))Moore C; Leaver A; Sibbritt D; Adams J
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